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Student Support

The Center for Global Business supports students pursuing a course of study in international business in a variety of ways.  Students pursuing a international business or global management credential are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.

Global Ambassadors Program >

Global Ambassadors Program

Global Ambassadors Program

The Center for Global Business Ambassadors Program is a partnership between the Center for Global Business (CGB) and UT’s most outstanding international business (IB) students. By supporting the work of the CGB, Ambassadors receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to build community among IB students
  • Networking with the CGB Board of Advisors, IB alumni, and other supporters
  • Invitations to members-only events and activities
  • Personal profile on the CGB website highlighting interests, achievements, and future plans
  • Letter of recommendation from CGB Director
  • Acknowledgement of service upon graduation

Ambassadors represent CGB and the IB program in a variety of ways, including:

  • Sharing their IB experience with students, supporters, and the university.
  • Participating in McCombs events on behalf of the IB program.
  • Promoting CGB and its effort via social media and peer networking.
  • Providing logistical and community support for CGB projects

How to Apply & Criteria

Applicants must be declared International Business majors. To apply and maintain CGB Ambassador status, students must maintain a 3.00 GPA and remain in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Strong preference is given to applicants who will have upper division standing and an international experience completed by the start of the Fall Term.

The Application

A complete application to be an Ambassador consists of the following:

  1. Professional Resume – in PDF format
  2. Statement of Interest (200-300 words) – In PDF format
  3. Cover e-mail including Permission to Review Academic Record and interview availability
  4. Brief Interview with CGB Staff during the week of Aug. 30

All materials are due to Deborah Salzberg, Global Readiness Adviser, at by Friday, August 24. Decisions will be announced on or by Monday, September 14.

International Business and Your Career

International Business and Your Career

International business coursework adds skills for adapting to change and identifying opportunities throughout students’ careers. The Center for Global Business helps students prepare for recruiting and growing their careers.

Practical Skills and Experience

Students incorporating international coursework into their degree plans gain diverse skills. Depending on the courses chosen, they will be able to:

  • Analyze the business impact of changing global policy and regulations
  • Assess business opportunities and challenges in a country or region
  • Design and execute successful global expansions
  • Recognize the implications of macroeconomic and geopolitical change for business
  • Identify and resolve culture-based threats to global projects, partnerships, and M&A
  • Employ functional skills related to global business operations

CGB Canvas Community and Job Board

Students currently enrolled in an international business major, minor, or certificate have access to the International Business Community on Canvas, which contains information on prospective employment, travel experiences, and community members, as wells as events and other opportunities. It also provides discussions boards for sharing experiences and a Job Board exclusively for international business students.

If you are a current student and do not have access to this community on Canvas, please contact us.

Mentorship Opportunities

The Center for Global Business offers an annual mentor program for international business and global management students to help students craft and pursue their goals for the future. Students are paired with mentors whose geographic or professional focus align with the student's interests.

Please note that mentor matches are made at the start of each academic year.  Students coming international business should contact CGB about the possibility of a partial year pairing.


Online Portfolio Support

CGB Portfolio Program

Students pursuing an international business course of study are encouraged to meet with CGB staff to discuss the creation of a professional portfolio using the Portfoluim platform.  Portfolios abiding by the CGB's guidelines will be featured on its website and will be promoted to CGB and McCombs supporters, including prospective employers.

Portfolios are expected to include:

  • Professional Resume
  • Professional Headshot
  • Statement of Career Intentions
  • 1-2 Substantive Writing Samples
  • Links to other projects or professional affiliations

Portfolios will continue to be promoted by CGB for one year following the student's graduation, allowing students to make ongoing professional use of the content.