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Using the Lab

Spring Lab Hours -Tentatively Opening February 1, 2021

Monday-Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Lab Calendar

Please check the calendar posted on the door of the classroom for any last-minute changes. The FERC is closed for all school holidays.
Lab use is restricted to McCombs students currently registered in finance classes. Classes scheduled for the FERC are posted on the FERC's calendar. To log in to the calendar, use your eid credentials.

Policies & Reservations

Policies & Reservations

  • Absolutely no food or drink allowed in this facility
  • Access is available to any student enrolled in a Finance class
  • Students are expected to throw away their trash
  • Students will not be allowed to interrupt a class to use the data feeds
  • Students are not allowed to tamper with or harm the computer equipment
  • Students are not permitted to install software on the computers
  • When a class is in session, only students in that class may use the facility
Failure to adhere to these policies will result in the loss of privileges to use the FERC.

Classroom Reservations

The classroom/broadcast studio in the Center is available for faculty and student use by reservation only. We give highest priority to users that need the special capabilities of the Center, like access to the financial data feeds or equipment to arrange a video conference for a course. The Center's classroom may be reserved for particular meetings of an undergraduate or graduate course. Maximum capacity of the classroom is 50 people.

Service fees may be applied for videotaping, video conferencing and special technology lab usage. Please contact the Center for more details, 512-475-7973.

Facilities & Technology

Facilities & Technology

The Financial Education and Research Center is a lab for the creation of innovative teaching techniques. It uses cutting-edge, HD, audio-visual technology to enhance teaching, and makes distance learning easier. The classroom has 50 workstations to provide students with access to real-time data feeds from five leading providers of financial information: Bloomberg, FactSet, Morningstar and Capital IQ. The classroom is equipped with the following:

Touch Screen Master Control Monitor
The Touch Screen Monitor lets the user select the type of image source from a menu (document camera, main computer, laptop). Once an image is selected it can be seen on the projector or preview monitor. A user can change the room's light settings and the presentation's audio levels on the touch screen monitor.

Document Camera
The Document Camera is an HD ceiling-mounted overhead projector. It expands presentation options by letting anything be placed under the camera for viewing.

Dual High Definition Projectors and Screens
There are two HD projectors with one main screen and an additional drop down screen that is available as needed.

The instructor's computer has Bloomberg, FactSet, and Morningstar installed as well as the Microsoft Office suite and internet access. A laptop port allows a user to connect their laptop for a presentation.

Video Conferencing/Lecture Capture

The Center's classroom is equipped with four high-definition cameras and voice activated microphones for video conferencing. A lecture capture system is installed as well for the recording of classes or training sessions. 



Lab Proctors

Lab Proctors

The Financial Education and Research Center hires undergraduate students to fill lab proctor positions.

What the Position Involves:

  • Teaching workshops on the use of FactSet, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, and Morningstar Direct
  • Assisting professors
  • Researching data
  • Proctoring the lab
  • Conducting presentations for community outreach programs
  • Giving tours of the facility
  • Assisting with special projects


  • Concentration in Finance is preferred
  • Sophomore or junior status preferred
  • Bloomberg Certification is a plus
  • Great enthusiasm for becoming an “expert” on the programs that the FERC offers and teaching those skills to others
  • Proctors should develop a strong working knowledge of Bloomberg, FactSet, Capital IQ, and Morningstar Direct
  • A strong working knowledge of applications like MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work with students and faculty
  • Must be a team player
  • Reliability is essential
  • Availability to work mornings, Fridays, and weekends
  • Must be enrolled in 6 or more hours every semester
Interested candidates should submit their cover letter, resume and a reference from a McCombs faculty member to:

Finance Dept. CBA 6.222, ATTN: Kyle Hernandez

If you have any questions about being a proctor, please email