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Additional Facilities

AIM trading room

This room of the Center is a replica of a Wall Street trading room where graduate students manage The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C., the only private investment fund to be managed by students. As of July 2008, the Fund has about $16 million invested by 48 accredited investors under securities laws. The hardware, software and data feeds at the Center enable these students to research companies as prospective investments using the same information services that professional money managers rely on, and to manage the Fund's assets in a realistic environment that emulates Wall Street.

AIM conference room

The AIM Conference Room was added to the Financial Trading and Technology Center in the Summer of 2002. With a generous donation from AIM Funds in Houston, Tx we were able to renovate the existing technology showcase into this state-of-the-art conference facility.

The room is equipped with laptop network connections, printing, fax and video conferencing capabilities.

Page last updated: 5/16/2013