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Longhorn Impact Fellowship at Texas

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Longhorn Impact Fellowship at Texas

What is LIFT?

The Longhorn Impact Fellowship at Texas, or LIFT, pairs student consultants (Fellows) with sustainable corporations, social enterprises, and nonprofits to solve an impact-focused problem. Projects are completed in 10-12 weeks and must be related to sustainability, corporate philanthropy, impact/ESG investing, or social and environmental innovation. Past projects created impact measurement tools for a corporate foundation, examined new markets for a social business’ entry, and examined the sustainability of funding sources. LIFT is selective and is open only to UT-Austin juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Past Fellows majored in Business Honors, Plan II Honors, Public Affairs, Biology, and more!

Program Goals

  • Build a community of socially and environmentally conscious innovators
  • Develop ubiquitous skills, such as change management, market research, systems thinking, impact measurement, and more
  • Support students’ career exploration in consulting and impact work through experiential learning and mentorship
  • Generate interdisciplinary connections
  • Elevate the impact community’s work through needed support

LIFT Clients Include:

  • City Possible - Fall 2021
  • Dow - Fall 2021
  • Emergent - Fall 2021
  • Explorer's Passage - Fall 2021
  • Habitat for Humanity Texas – Fall 2021
  • HID – Fall 2021
  • Mission Capital – Fall 2021
  • Under Armour – Fall 2021
  • BB Imaging – Spring 2021
  • Civic Champs – Spring 2021
  • Corecentra – Spring 2021
  • Dell Technologies – Spring 2021
  • DivInc – Spring 2021
  • An International Energy Company – Spring 2021
  • ENGIE – Fall 2020
  • NI (formally National Instruments) – Fall 2020
  • Lifeworks – Fall 2020
  • Un.Inc – Fall 2020
  • inLieu LLC – Fall 2020
  • JUST – Fall 2020
  • Capital Impact Partners – Fall 2020
  • Habitat for Humanity Texas – Fall 2020
  • Dell Technologies -  Spring 2020
  • Alamo Drafthouse - Spring 2020
  • BBVA Momentum - Spring 2020
  • Asian Impact - Spring 2020
  • NGOrganize - Spring 2020
  • Lifeworks - Fall 2019
  • Me and the Bees Lemonade - Fall 2019
  • Jump Finance - Fall 2019
  • TribesForGOOD - Fall 2019
  • The Press Forward - Fall 2019

Corporations, Nonprofits, and Social Enterprises:

Could your organization benefit from qualified student support in solving an impact-focused problem? Check out our LIFT application! Client applications for Spring 2022 are now open! Contact our Program Manager, Madison Gove, at for more information about the Spring 2022 cohort application.


LIFT is now taking new consultant applications through July 31st, 2021! You can watch an information session here and apply here TODAY. Selected Fellows may apply for an independent study course credit, depending on their department. All UT-Austin juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible to apply.

LIFT Calendar Fall 2021

Events and Application:

Fall 2021 Student Applications – Open through 7/31/2021
Spring 2022 Client Applications – Open through 10/1/2021

2021 LIFT Fellows

Aamir Sarani

Environmental Engineering

Aditya Gollakota Headshot

Aditya Gollakota

Public Affairs

Andrew Zhao

Petroleum Engineering

Aniket Matharasi

Business Honors, Finance, Humanities Honors

Anjitha Nair

Computer Science

Annie Lu

Business Honors & Marketiing

Anthony Lee

MS Data Science

Cara Cook

Master of Public Affairs

Catherine Ciano Headshot

Catherine Ciano

Master in Business Administration

Chelsea Derouen

Social Work

Chi Pham

Finance and Linguistics

Ethan Plevak

Geography, Sustainability Studies, and Urban Studies

Evan Pan

Canfield Business Honors, Government

Grace Kay


Hannah Radford


Hye Jeong Lee

Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering

Hyery Lee

Business Analytics

Jaime Cueva

MS Civil Engineering

Jalen Archer

Marketing and Human Dimensions of Organizations

Jane Li


Javier Lopez

International Relations & Government

Joyleen Sanchez Headshot

Joyleen Sanchez

Master of Public Affairs

Katie Clack

Management Information Systems, French

Kate Stubbs

Public Health

Kelsia Adil

Finance, CBHP, International Relations, and Global Studies

Malvika Manoj


Maydha Kohli

Mechanical Engineering

Mithila Harirama

BSA Biology

Naziya Ahmed

Management Information Systems

Nicolas Munoz Khakov


Palak Kapoor


Riley Garrett


Rumya Velu

Management Information Systems

Ryan Siwald


Sahil Patel

Architectural Engineering Honors and Economics

Samara Zuckerbrod Headshot

Samara Zuckerbrod

Sustainability Studies and English

Shaina Kambo

Geography and Sustainability Studies

Past LIFT Fellows

2021 >


Spring 2021

Melanie Albrecht, Biology
Alexandra Allen, Plan II, Communication and Leadership
Kaitlyn Anderson, MPAff
Sreya Ayinala, Business Honors, Plan II Honors, Management Information Systems
Lily Bui, Environmental Engineering
Andrew Butemeyer, International Relations
Jingjing Feng, Global Policy Studies
Himadri Gehlot, Public Health
MacKenzie Graham, Finance and Plan II Honors
Nandini Kommana, International Relations and Global Studies
Vincent Lin, Management Information Systems
Nicole Luu, Marketing
Jack McCormick, Master of Public Affairs
Oshane Mcrae, Public Affairs
Mohammed Mithani, Marketing
Andrew Nguyen, Mechanical Engineering
Connor Oglesby, MBA
Paul Peterson, MBA
Stephanie Rasmussen, MBA
Jennica Shah, Marketing
Rohan Singeetham, Biology and Health & Society
Fornia Van, Actuarial Science
Parvathy Vasudev, Neuroscience
Mariana Sofia Vega, MS Marketing and BS Advertising



Diego Allison, BFA Design
Branch Archer, Environmental Engineering and Plan II
Victoria Arenas, International Relations and Global Studies
Zaid A. Basit, Finance, Economics, Government
Joey Blatt, MBA
Riya Chopra, Management Information Systems
Katie Clack, MIS, French
Stepha Dragoon, Master of Public Affairs and Master of Science in Social Work Dual Degree
Jingjing Feng, Global Policy Studies
Maizie A. Fernandes, Public Health
Himadri Gehlot, Public Health
Sana Hameed, Management Information Systems
Andrew Hourigan, Science and Technology Management
Jose Huerta, International Relations
Shreya Kabra, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Studies
Achmad Khomaini, Energy and Earth Resources
Dean Lawler, Finance
Vincent Lin, MIS
Connor Oglesby, MBA
Cristina O'Hanlon, Civil Engineering & Sustainability Studies
Chinyere Okoh, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Stephanie Rasmussen, MBA
Brooke Reaves, Business Honors, Plan II Honors, Economics Honors
Mackenzie Schnell, MBA Operations/MA Organizational Communication
Rachel Schlesinger, Plan II, Management Information Systems
Katherine Shumaker, Communication and Leadership
Ashlee Silver, Social Work
Ana Truong, Management Information Systems
Nachiket Vamshidhar, Business Honors and Accounting
Parvathy Vasudev, Neuroscience
Sofia Vega, MS Marketing and BS Advertising
Bella Villanueva, Public Relations
Gabrielle Wongso, RTF and Journalism
Jessica Zhang, Business Honors
Richard Zhang, CBHP, iMPA
Wendy Zhang, Civil Engineering