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Health Innovation Fellows class of 2020

Health Care Innovation Fellows

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The Future of Health Care

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America needs better health care, and we want to be part of making that vision a reality.

Through hands-on exposure to current challenges in the rapidly changing healthcare industry, the Texas McCombs Health Innovation Fellows seek to help Texas MBAs discover opportunities to positively impact the future of care.

We engage with leaders and innovators across the spectrum of industry, from bio and health tech to payers, providers, and more. Together, we discover where opportunities exist - and where they can be made.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Texas MBA Health Innovation Fellows is to promote the McCombs School of Business as a place that produces leaders with the capability to impact the health care industry through innovation and leadership. When people think of innovation and healthcare, we want them to think innovation + healthcare = McCombs.

The Health Innovation Fellows provide an avenue for students to experience in-depth health care programming to dissect and debate the many complexities of the U.S. health care system beyond the classroom.

School Objectives

  • Develop increased recruiting interest in Texas McCombs MBA students for health care, with both large, established members of the healthcare industry and the burgeoning biotech and life sciences scene in Austin.
  • Demonstrate dedication to developing innovators and entre- and intrapreneurs in health care.
  • Attract the best and brightest future Texas MBA students interested in health care.
  • Attract the best and brightest from UT's Dell Medical School to join the MD/MBA program.
  • Leverage the program’s accomplishments to elevate the overall industry and academic strength of Texas McCombs.


MBA Healthcare Concentration

Innovation, Ecosystem, Analytics

The Texas McCombs full-time MBA Healthcare Concentration includes a four-class series in healthcare innovation, analytics, and ecosystem taught by award-winning Texas McCombs faculty, one in partnership with The University of Texas Dell Medical School's Texas Health Catalyst incubator, and an innovation and entrepreneurship course in the UT College of Pharmacy, in partnership with their Drug Dynamics Institute.

The Core

  • Healthcare Technology Commercialization (Practicum with Texas Health Catalyst)
  • The Healthcare Business Ecosystem 
  • Data-Driven Healthcare Operations
  • Entrepreneurship in Health Innovations (College of Pharmacy)

Additional healthcare-related courses:

  • INF 385N: Consumer Health Informatics (School of Information)
  • MKT 382.15: Marketing High-Tech Products
  • OM 386: Service Operations Management
  • N 395(F): Budget and Finance in Healthcare (School of Nursing)

Healthcare Concentration Details     Learn More about Texas MBA


Engage, Network, Succeed

Texas McCombs Health Innovation Fellows will have opportunities throughout the school year to develop their health care knowledge base, leadership skills, and marketing acumen beyond coursework and practicums. Some opportunities include:

  • Visit offices of different healthcare companies to learn more about the culture and opportunities available to MBAs
  • Attend HIF-sponsored networking opportunities with hiring companies
  • Dell Medical School collaborations, SXSW, case competitions, and more

HIF Members

Emma Blumstein, MBA Health Innovation Fellow.

Emma Blumstein

MBA '20

Headshot of Andrew Briggs

Andrew Briggs

MBA '21

Headshot of Sarah Butt

Sarah Butt

MBA '21

Ian Collier, MD/MBA '20, HIF member headshot

Ian Collier

MD/MBA '20

Headshot of Perri Cooper

Perri Cooper

MBA '21

Headshot for HIF student Rupal Desai

Rupal Desai

MBA '20

Headshot of Taylor Dilbeck, Health Innovations Student

Taylor Dilbeck

MBA '20

Headshot of Kate Galloway, HIF Student

Kate Galloway

MBA '20

Headshot of Ellie Gamez

Ellie Gamez

MBA '21

Headshot of Caroline Green

Caroline Green

MBA '21

Headshot of Alexander Grubbs, HIF student

Alexander Grubbs

MBA '20

Headshot of Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson

MBA '21

Headshot of Gina Learning

Gina Leaming

MBA '21

Headshot of Ariane Lemieux, HIF student

Ariane Lemieux

MD/MBA '20

Headshot of Trevor McGowan, HIF student

Trevor McGowan

MBA '20

Headshot of Mary Moreno

Mary "MJ" Moreno

MBA '21

Headshot for Dina Odrobina, HIF student

Dina Odrobina

MBA '20

Headshot of Reed Pankey, HIF student

Reed Pankey

MBA '20

Headshot of Carlos Parada

Carlos Alvarez-Parada

MBA '21

Headshot of Krishnan Patel, HIF student

Krishnan Patel

MBA '20

Headshot for Hector Pinzon, HIF student

Hector Pinzon

MBA '20

Headshot of Sreshta Ramdaspalli

Sreshta Ramdaspalli

MBA '21

Headshot of Amit Rao

Amit Rao

MBA '21

Headshot of Deonna White

Deonna Reese-White

MBA '21

Headshot of Hannah Rosenthal

Hannah Rosenthal

MBA '21

Headshot of Praveen Satarasinghe

Praveen Satarasinghe

MBA '21

Headshot for Guarav Singh, HIF student

Guarav P. Singh

MBA '20

Headshot of Emily Steemers

Emily Steemers

MBA '21

Headshot of Sneha Vyas, HIF student

Sneha Vyas

MBA '20