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Get Involved With Entrepreneurship

The Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Renewal offers a variety of events and programs suitable for anyone interested in research, startups, and innovation. Take a look at the many opportunities the Center provides to learn and network with others in the business and research communities:

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence - The Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program was developed to bring highly successful entrepreneurs on campus to work with faculty and students seeking advice on launching their own entrepreneurial venture. Get to know the EIRs
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Ignite Startup Workshops - A monthly lunch event for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators interested in developing practical entrepreneurial skills.
  1. 11/08/17 Design Thinking: An Important Tool for Entrepreneurs 
  2. 10/18/17 Expanding Beyond Your Home Market  
  3. 10/04/17 Dividing the Equity Pie Among Founders, Early Employees, and Early Stage Executives 
  4. 09/20/17 Building a Social-First Brand
  5. 04/19/17 Intro to Venture Equity
  6. 04/05/17 Top Legal Mistakes of Startup Entrepreneurs
  7. 03/08/17 Trends to Watch in the Startup World
  8. 02/15/17 Valuation How to Quantify Your Vision 
  9. 02/01/17 The Art and Not-so-Science of Raising Money
  10. 11/02/16 Is your Business Model Really Scalable?
  11. 10/19/16 Anatomy of a Startup Pitch
  12. 10/05/16 Financial Modeling and Projections
  13. 09/14/16 Market Research and Product-Market Fit  

Entrepreneurship Live! Series - A recurring live speaker series and podcast featuring entrepreneurs from across different industries, that enables students and the community to experience a "live" case study and to learn important lessons about the entrepreneurial process. Also broadcast by TexTalks

TexTalks Podcast 
- TEX Talks is a podcast channel supported by the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship and UT Austin students to identify, capture, and share the entrepreneurial spirit that surrounds The University of Texas at Austin and it’s community. Entrepreneurs share their stories with students to help inspire the leaders of tomorrow, and then we share with others to enjoy via podcast format. Subscribe today! 

MoneyTalks! Series 

- A recurring speaker series that features a source of capital for high growth entrepreneurial businesses with a preference for investing in early stage firms.  The series allows students and the community to learn about various forms of capital and the current methods of funding. 


Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship- The Kelleher Center is committed to having an impact on Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship. Below are a few examples of programs and events we have hosted focused on Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship.

Texas Business Plan Competition - The Texas Business Plan Competition, hosted by the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Renewal at the University of Texas at Austin is the premier statewide business plan competition for undergraduate students. This annual event awards seed grant funding to aspiring undergraduate students from around the State of Texas to encourage and facilitate the development of successful entrepreneurs.

Startup Science Live!  - Startup Science Live! is a companion to the popular Entrepreneurship Live! speaker series that comes from a partnership between the Kelleher Center and the College of Natural Sciences. Entrepreneurs are featured from science-based industries and share their experiences to a wide audience representing diverse communities from campus and the greater Austin area. 

Intro to the UT and Austin Startup Ecosystem - An annual event and trade show to help students learn more about the great entrepreneurial/startup programs and resources that are available across campus and Austin.

HKC Startup Business Plan Competition Travel Grants - The HKC Startup Business Plan Travel Grants, funded by the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, enables undergraduate and graduate students to participate in national and international business startup competitions by providing travel grant funding to share their vision with the world. Grant applications must be submitted by the last day of the month in order to receive a grant by the 15th of the following month. Only one $750 grant will be awarded per startup per year. All current UT Austin undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

McCombs MBA Entrepreneurship Summer Fellowship - The MBA McCombs Entrepreneur Summer Fellowship (MESF), funded by the generous support of alumni donors and the Class of 2014 Legacy Campaign, enables MBA students to continue their entrepreneurial journey as founders, during the summer between their first and second year. 

UT Startup Connect- Five bright student entrepreneurs share their vision. They're looking for talented team members to help turn it into a reality. At the monthly UT Startup+Connect meet ups, bring a friend and find your next opportunity. This is going to be epic!

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Intensive Program (MAN327) - This certificate program and undergraduate course explores an evidence-based approach to understanding innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on research, valuation and thriving in dynamic markets. The intensive will supplement lecture/classroom learning with real-life experiences in entrepreneurship. 

Herb Kelleher Center at SXSW Startup Village- The Center has hosted several sessions at SXSW Interactive's Startup Village where we have interviewed several notable entrepreneurs and discussed their entrepreneurial businesses and offered testimonials about the quality of their education and how it contributed to their success.

Frontiers of Innovation - An annual event that hosts distinguished speakers, authors and researchers who bring fresh insights on strategic innovation and change, innovation ecosystems and industry dynamics, models for growth, sustained creativity and new sources of value creation.

The Longhorn Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (LEAP) is an experiential leadership program that provides a hands-on experience to BBA and MBA students in accelerating a new venture through advice and assistance on the entrepreneurial process. In this semester-long program, students work in volunteer teams with startups in under-served communities in their local area to accelerate the startup’s development. 

Collaboration and Partnership

The Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Renewal serves as a hub for innovation in central Texas, and many startups and established organizations partner with us to do research and achieve a wide variety of goals. Talk to us about:

  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Business Plan Competitions
  • Pitch Facilitation
  • Practicum and Lab Opportunities
  • Internship Programs

Contact us today and see what the Center can do for you.

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