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Supply Chain and Operations Management Doctoral Concentration

The IROM Department offers a Ph.D. program concentration in Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM). The primary goal of the program is preparing students for academic careers in supply chain and operations management. The program emphasizes modeling-oriented research, including analytical and decision-support modeling with applications to supply chain management. The IROM Department has an outstanding quantitative methods faculty, well-recognized in profession for its research in the theory, algorithms, and applications of optimization and stochastic models. Faculty members are also interested in applying these methods to problems in operations, logistics, and supply chain management. The SCOM Ph.D. program concentration uses these strengths to provide a stimulating environment and rigorous training in supply chain modeling

The McCombs School and the University of Texas at Austin provide opportunities for students to interact with researchers from other departments and universities through various research seminars. Students also get to meet practitioners via forums like the supply chain management consortium. These interactions enrich the educational experience, and help students work on interesting, relevant, rigorous research topics.

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