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Executive Education

Texas Executive Education offers Supply Chain Management training through Open Enrollment and Executive Development Certificate Programs. All courses guarantee an interactive learning environment, relevant learning simulations, and invaluable idea-sharing with other participants.

Open Enrollment Programs

Effective two-day training programs enable you to lead efficiently, think strategically and manage change without interrupting your career. Designed for new managers, small business owners, leaders, executives and professionals, courses may be taken individually as needed or applied to an Executive Development Certificate. Programs are offered on an ongoing basis to facilitate schedules. View the Program Calendar.

Executive Development - Supply Chain Management Certificate

The SCM Certificate program gives you the tools and ideas that help shape and define the various components of value creation. Improve your learning experience and your company's bottom line when you acquire, produce and deliver goods and services domestically and globally. Earning a Supply Chain Management Certificate requires the completion of 4 core courses and 2 electives (selected from a set of four choices).

  • Supply Chain Strategy
    Learn to understand bottleneck strategy and calculate capacity, the relationship between service and manufacturing operations, and more.
    - Discover the critical role of process design in operational excellence
    - Appreciate how variety and variability degrade operational performance
    - Learn the science and art of process management
    - Understand the Bullwhip Effect - its causes and remedies
    - Learn how to leverage inventory, capacity and information for matching supply with demand
    - Learn how to assess supplier performance, manage uncertainty, and resolve incentive conflicts in supply chain
  • Supply Chain Risk
    This course will focus on successfully navigating a business enterprise through risk and uncertainty. Participants will learn to build risk into decision-making processes.
    - Understand how business enterprises operate in an environment with varying risks
    - Discover the tools and build risk into your decision making
    - Learn to use statistical tools to help with forecasting and developing inventory targets to deal with uncertainty
  • Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning and Logistics
    Throughout this course, students will learn to better analyze the supply chain and its relationship to marketing, finance, operations, engineering, logistics, inventory, and transportation.
    - Strengthen your process by testing your decisions during an in-class simulation
    - Link the supply chain together
    - Address the planning function
    - Connect the relationship between supply chain, marketing, finance, operations, engineering, logistics, inventory, and transportation
  • Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing
    - Translating the strategy to procurement: when and where do we source, from whom do we source, and how much do we pay?
    - Learn tools for managing your supply base
    - Discuss the total cost of ownership

  • The Art and Science of Effective Negotiation
    - Develop your negotiation strategies
    - Determine the value of your negotiation
    - Explore 5 Tactical Options of negotiation
    - Discuss 7 Tactical Stages of the negotiation process
    - Learn how to find mutually beneficial trade-offs
    - Discover the differences between individual and group negotiations
  • Strategic Decision Making
    - Understand the basic tools available for structuring problems involving risk and uncertainty
    - Develop the ability to break down problems for analysis
    - Examine methods for structuring and modeling decision problems, and apply these methods to a variety of problems that involve risk and uncertainty
    - Define alternatives for project execution
  • Virtual Leadership: Leading Dispersed Teams
    - Learn why virtual teams are so important to organizations today
    - Understand the dynamics of virtual teams
    - Discover ways for managing people from afar
    - Acquire strategies for communicating effectively with distanced team members
    - Become skilled at working with tow stage model of virtual leadership
    - Recognize your employees' development needs
    - Identify appropriate resources for employee development
    - Find out what really keeps valued employees from leaving when they work from a distance
    - Know how to use the performance management process as a retention tool
  • Strategic Management
    - Learn how the various tools and techniques of strategic analysis are employed
    - Appreciate the economic drivers that affect strategy
    - Enhance strategic capabilities of your staff and line managers
    - Recognize the economic forces that underlie successful strategic actions
    - Identify the strategic forces affecting your area of business
    - Learn how to perceive products, processes, firms, and industries in a strategic manner
    - Understand the strategy implementation process
    - Learn how to think strategically

For registration information, please contact or 512-475-6430.

Click here to enroll online. Follow the link, select the appropriate certificate program, and choose at least one program date to start your certificate series.

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