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SCOM Concentration

MBA graduates with a concentration in Supply Chain and Operations Management are well-prepared to work as supply chain analysts, project managers, logistics planners, or mangers of manufacturing or service operations. Consulting firms also look for the valuable analytical skills you'll develop. The SCOM concentration takes a strategic and application-oriented view of a firm's operations and resources.

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Concentration requires 15 credit hours. Additional courses may be approved on a course-by-course basis.

Faculty Contact: Rayan Bagchi
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SCOM Global Connection

MAN 385: Directed Studies in Global Management - Southeast Asia
This course will study the extended, international supply chain of one of the world's top technology companies, Dell, in order to better understand some of the complexities of operating and sourcing product in the global environment. MAN 385 is intended to be an experiential learning activity that will combine travel in one of the most rapidly growing regions in the world while charging students with the task of developing market studies and providing a detailed sourcing recommendation.

The course will be conducted in partnership with Dell Inc., and students will get the opportunity to analyze the operations of some of the company's most important computer component suppliers in Southeast Asia, compare them to U.S. based vendors, and thoughtfully evaluate the economic logic behind these sourcing decisions in order to build their recommendation.

Student Orgs

Operations Fellows

The Operations Fellows program provides select MBA students who are committed to pursuing leadership roles in the functional areas of Operations, Supply Chain and/or Information Management the opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills through a comprehensive integrated learning opportunity. For more information, visit the Operations Fellows' website.

Graduate Operations Group

Graduate Operations Group is an organization of McCombs MBA students who share a common interest in Operations Management. GOG helps members gain an increased understanding of Operations Management and the value-add chain of any industry. For more information, contact GOG.