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McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Graduate Student Organizations

The McCombs student body has a deep commitment to sustainable social innovation and entrepreneurship. There are several organizations that help MBA students connect with practitioners and pursue careers in social impact and sustainability.

CleanTech Group

The CleanTech Group is a student organization whose mission is to foster a community of MBA students passionate about environmental sustainability and to support their efforts to address global energy and environmental challenges by facilitating education, networking, and recruiting opportunities in a range of business functions across the energy and environmental sectors.

Entrepreneur Society

The Entrepreneur Society’s mission is to advance understanding of startups or self-run companies through providing the network and guidance to equip its members with the leadership skills to successfully manage a business or business unit.

Net Impact

Net Impact McCombs is one of the 300 chapters dedicated to exploring, creating, and pioneering ways of using the power of business to create a better world, focusing on issues including corporate responsibility, employee workplace practices, human rights, environmental sustainability, and community development.

Social Impact Investment Fund

The Social Impact Investment Fund (SIIF) is a peer-created fund that provides financial support for MBA students pursuing internships in the social impact space. MBA students offer support by pledging a “day of pay” from their own internship salaries to benefit SIIF fellows pursuing careers in fields such as sustainability, nonprofit and other nontraditional sectors. The SIIF encourages MBA students to pursue social impact careers by lowering the financial burden of entering less lucrative internships in social impact as compared to traditional paths such as consulting and technology.

Fellows Programs

Fellows programs are selective groups that current McCombs MBA students apply for.

Board Fellows

Board Fellows places MBA students on the board of directors of local partner non-profit organizations as non-voting board members for one year, which gives students the opportunity to work with and learn from non-profit leaders while contributing their time and business skills to benefit the local community.

CleanTech Fellows

The CleanTech Fellowship is a selective leadership program that offers MBA students the opportunity to deepen industry knowledge through hands-on experiences in the clean tech world. Because each fellow sources his/her internship, the program can be tailored to anyone’s specific interests.

Health Innovation Fellows

The Health Innovation Fellows program produces business leaders with the capability to impact the healthcare industry through innovation and leadership. It provides an avenue for students to engage with groundbreaking healthcare leaders as well as gain hands-on experience bringing innovative ideas to the market.

MBA Impact Investing Network and Training

The MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) is an experiential lab designed to give students at business and graduate schools a hands-on education in impact investing. Students selected for the team participate in a six-month impact investing competition to source, diligence, and present early stage impact investment ideas to an expert judging committee.

Venture Fellows

Venture Fellows is a program which places MBA students as interns in local venture capital, private equity, and start-up firms while providing a unique venture capital focused curriculum taught by industry professionals to compliment the hands-on experience.

More Info

There are currently over 45 organizations and fellowship opportunities available to MBA students at the McCombs School of Business.