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Texas Venture Labs Practicum I & II

Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs (TVL) is an accelerator that connects local startup companies with talented and entrepreneurial graduate students from the MBA, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Natural Sciences programs at the University of Texas. These students participate in semester-long consulting projects solving important problems alongside the company’s founders.

Examples of previous consulting projects:

  • Market validation: Worked with life sciences firm to research three potential applications for their product, ultimately determining that one was viable and two were not.
  • Business model assessmentExamined the marketability of a social media platform and worked with them to shift to a data-based business model.
  • Financial analysis: Helped a custom music instrument company get their statements in order and analyze the information to validate their pricing model.
  • Funding guidance: Assisted a grocery delivery service in identifying their 5-year growth potential based on different funding options (VC, Angel, Loans, Bootstrap).
  • Competitive analysis: Looked into competitors and substitutes for a software company and found that they did not provide enough differentiation to gain funding.

What we do:

Texas Venture Labs students provide research and consulting to local startups on their most pressing challenges in order to:

  1. Accelerate startups in taking their products to market and making a funding decision
  2. Give graduate students real-world startup experience

Where you fit in:

If admitted to the program, you'll join a team of five or six students working closely with two startup companies to make an immediate and direct impact on the companies’ development.

You will learn about market validation, competitive analysis, financial analysis, business model assessment, and funding guidance from professors and entrepreneurs, and then apply these skills on projects for the companies.

Previous projects have included identifying and sizing new markets for a fiber-optic sensing platform, and developing a model for marketing costs incurred by a new consumer packaged goods company.

Application Process

The application for the Texas Venture Labs Fall 2014 class is now closed. If you are an incoming or current graduate student interested in taking our class in Spring or Fall 2015 please sign up for an alert so we can inform you when the application information goes live in early August.

The TVL application process will include the following steps that take place over the course of one month's time:
  1. Submission of resume and cover letter
  2. Analysis of a business plan provided by TVL
  3. Interview with group of applicants
  4. Presentation of group business plan recommendations
  5. Peer evaluations of your presentation group

More Questions?

Please review a recent syllabus, watch our informational video, or email us. Visit our office hours Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. in the AT&T Conference Center One Twenty 5 Cafe.

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