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Texas Competition Champions

2012 – eyeQ

eyeQ provides retailers the ability to monitor consumer purchasing behavior, generate retail business intelligence and influence consumer purchasing at the shelf.  Our solution utilizes algorithms based on video analytics to create consumer data for the retailer and provide the customer with a content rich buying experience. 
Michael Garel, MBA 2012; Harish Jayakumar, MBA 2012 

2011 – Vocal Media

Vocal Media is an advertising media venture with a low-end disruption to traditional advertising media that is designed to target hard-to-reach, ethnic immigrant populations living in America. 
David Saldana, MSTC 2011; Arely Fontecha, MSTC 2011; Marty McCrea, MSTC 2011; Justin Dickstein, MSTC 2011

2010 – Solavicta

Solavicta is developing a solar technology that can be manufactured for less than $0.50 per watt. This will allow the creation of fully-installed, grid-ready power systems for 25% less than the leading utility-scale solar power technologies.
David McParland, MBA 2010; Franklin Fuchs, MBA 2010

2009 – FocalPop

FocalPop is a web-based platform that allows companies to finally get the exact photo that they need by allowing them to crowdsource their image requests via a community of photographers across the world.
Brian Romanko, MBA 2008; Becky Parker, MBA 2009; Ronnie LeBert, MBA 2009;
Eddie Howard, MBA 2009; Libby Essinger, MBA 2009

2008 – Qcue

Qcue is the premier software-based dynamic pricing solution on the market today helping sports teams, venues, promoters, and ticketing organizations set better up-front prices, and adjust to shifting demand, changes in market conditions and real-time sales data.
Barry Kahn, PhD Economics 2007; Jitendra Dalvi, MBA 2007; Andrew Mills, PhD Computer Science 2008

2007 – MacuCLEAR

MacuCLEAR Inc.™ is a specialty clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing novel solutions for vascular disorders of the eye.
Douglas Baum, MSSTC 2007; Christopher R. Aniszczyk, MSSTC 2007

2006 – Phurnace Software

Phurnace Software is a leading developer of automation software that significantly reduces the cost, complexity and risk to deploy and configure Java-based applications on physical, virtual and cloud environments. The company was acquired by BMC Software in 2010.
Daniel Nelson, MBA 2006

2005 – Bigfoot Networks

Bigfoot Networks delivers the fastest, most intelligent networking solutions designed to improve the way people enjoy the Internet. The Company’s hardware and software products deliver a smooth, uninterrupted consumer experience for online games, streaming HD video and real-time communications. Bigfoot was acquired by Qualcomm in 2011.
Harlan Beverly, MBA 2004; Mike Cubbage, MBA 2005; Bob Grim, MBA 2005

2004 – Chipotle Business Group

Chipotle Business Group, Inc. is a global solutions provider. Be it famine, poor sanitation, natural disaster, or other worldwide problem, CBGI seeks to find innovative solutions by bringing together cutting edge technologies, state, national and international agencies/organizations, and best-in-class researchers, developers, and service providers.
Sridhar Pushpavanam, MBA 2004;  Jim Farrell,MBA 2004; Joe Zirnhelt, MBA 2004; Tracey Ayre, MBA 2004;Scott Evans, MBA 2004

2003 – Organic Energy Systems

Organic Energy Systems converts organic material into natural gas used to power environmentally friendly energy systems.
Tamara Young, Andy Rose, Ted Calvin

2002 – Private Concepts

Private Concepts provides safe, affordable, home diagnostic medical tests for women. The company's initial product is a self-administered cervical cancer screen.
Pat Pevoto, Andy Campbell, Niki Aberle, Lynn Wright, Tim Wilson

2001 – Halsa Pharmaceuticals

Halsa Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company developing therapeutics for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, cachexia and other metabolic diseases.
Phil Speros, Denise Bynum, Kristen Etheredge, James Clyde

2000 – BackTrack Solutions

BackTrack manages the receipt, handling and  resale of returned merchandise for multi-channel and e-commerce retailers. 
Jason Sears, Esther Schuller, Brian Graybill, Shawn Sullivan, Frank Mastronnuzi

1999 – Vusion, Inc.

Kent Bradshaw, Richard Burgess, Paul Kunko, Jason Levin

1998 – Isochron Data, LLC

Isochron Data has developed wireless technologies that allow companies to monitor and gather data from their vending machines on a real-time basis.
Erin DeFosse, Aruni Gunasegaram, Rhett Keisler

1997 - BioGel, Inc.

BioGel offers a product which will reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Barry Baker, Chris Hegeman, Dave Hendrix, Lauranne Labiosa

1996 - Easy Learning Technology

Joe Wiseman, Marc Hite, Haluk Elci, Stephanie Carr, Carolyn Faour, Desmond Davis

1995 - True Dimensions, Inc.

True Dimensions will manufacture and market an ergonomically advanced office chair.
Jeff Hoogendam, Mike Hanratty, Irene Bond, Wes Boyd

1994 - Zeoponics, Inc.

Kevin Williams, Clay Williams, Scott Uhrig, Brad Dunn, Jordan Silber

1993 - Ampersand Art Supply, Inc.

In 1994, Ampersand Art Supply began reviving the time-honored tradition of panel painting with the creation of Claybord™, their first coated painting panel. Over the years, Ampersand has added many painting panels with unique surface coatings and profiles suitable for all media from oils to pastels.
Elaine Salazar, Kathy Henderson, Dave Shackleton, Drew Tingleaf

1992 - Expert Application System, Inc.

Expert Application Systems, Incorporated (EASI) develops compliance software systems for growth markets. EASI's systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly, accurate, and portable among computer platforms.
Patricia Mack, Debra Beard, Margarita Ash, Mark Cooper, J. Joseph Cooper

1991 - MBA Practice Management

Scott Collier, Larry Hanrahan, Mark Quigley, David Rogers

Fall 1989 - USAdboards

USAdboards designs advertising boards for restrooms of establishments like hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and airports.
Lars Baumgurtel, Paul Myhill, Mike Engleman, Chris Wilson, Greg Wolfe

Spring 1989 - Diamond Technologies, Inc.

Diamond Technologies' mission was to commercialize new diamond coating techniques developed for President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative.
Ricardo Barrientos, Paul Hudson, Don Lindgren, Bill Riley

1988 - Professional Greetings, Inc.

Natalie Robb, Christian Gerbail, Douglas Stuckey, Kevin Phelon

1987 - Mobile Mechanics

Brian Forbes, Steven Linder, John O’Shea, John Thomas

1986 - Liquid Piston Technologies

Jeff Malinak, Bill Phelps, Brian Wilson

1985 - The Hydrocarbon Recovery Co.

Duncan Butler, Patrick Clegg, Bradford Denning, Gene Shepperd

1984 - PolyPallet, Inc.

PolyPallet proposed to design, manufacture and market a pallet which combined both high and low density polyethylene into a single piece of injection-molded polyethylene.
Andrew Greenwell, Carolyn Loyd, Tom McCaffrey, Joe Williams