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GIF Format Logos

GIF logos are specifically formatted for use on the Web. GIFs also work in PowerPoint, however PNG logos work better.

See the logo file nomenclature for file format abbreviations.

Resizing a GIF file will cause the image to degrade. Use the original download size. If you need a different size, contact Logo Request  for a custom size GIF logo.

No distortions or modifications of the logo or logotype are permitted.  The logo may not be used as a "design" element with other text or graphics.

Instructions for Downloading GIF Logos

To download the logos to your computer, scroll down and select the logo.

On a PC, right-click on link next to the logo you want and select "save link as"

.GIF Color Specifications

  • RGB values: beige R170, G156, B143; burnt orange R199, G91, B18
    black R0, G0, B0

  • Hex values are: beige aa9c8f; burnt orange c75b12, black 000000.

Primary Logos

(Click on image to download)

McCombs Mark

McCombs Mark gif

Primary Stacked

Pimary Stacked Logo gif

McCombs Alumni Network

Black and White McCombs Alumni Network

McCombs Alumni Network Logo Black Gif

Primary Stacked Career Services

McCombs Logo Career Services Gif

Primary Horizontal Left

 Horizontal Left Logo Gif

Primary Horizontal Right

 McCombs Horizontal Right Logo Gif

Primary Horizontal Right with Tagline

McCombs Primary Logo Horizontal Right Where Leadership is Earned

Primary Stacked with Tagline

McCombs Primary Logo with Where Leadership is Earned Tagline

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