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Event Promotion

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Event Marketing Plan

When organizing an event, the amount of planning and marketing required can seem overwhelming. These tips are meant to help you keep on track and achieve your event goals.

To have a successful event, you will want to:

  • Plan and organize event logistics, venue and programming
  • Determine which audience(s) the event will appeal to; select methods and channels for reaching those audiences
  • Create marketing online (and possibly offline) materials to promote the event and to allow for registration or payment, if necessary
  • Execute the marketing plan (distribute posters, direct mail, e-mails, phone calls, etc.)
  • Organize publicity materials, such as speaker bios, presentation slides, etc.
  • Execute a talent release form if speaker(s) will be videotaped, photographed, audio recorded, etc.
  • Decide on and execute event capture
  • Share event highlights with interested parties

There are three main groups of event marketing covered in this guide: