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We believe business is a power of positive change – from healthcare to energy, to technology, and in the marketplace of human interaction.

We are a laboratory for the curious and a springboard for the tenacious and bold. We are a training ground for leaders, giving them the skills and the confidence to make their unique mark on a future distinguished by uncertainty.

We resolutely prepare our students for business models and opportunities on the leading edge of disruption. We expose them to the rich diversity of people, cultures, and disciplines found at one of the largest research universities in the world. We challenge them to live and work with authenticity, purpose, and compassion.

Our roots are in Austin, an unrivaled launch pad for the ideas of enterprising thinkers and doers. With access to extraordinary people and resources, our students can immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that strengthen, inspire, and refine their character.

Success has never been a solitary path, more so in the future. So we engender a competitive yet collaborative spirit that propels us to achieve as individuals while working together to advance the world further, faster. 

We are Texas McCombs.


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