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Research Centers

Healthcare Symposium Presentation 2010
Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions

The Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions seeks to better enable interaction between faculty, students and industry. The center’s focus is to develop in-depth customer insight leading to customer-driven, cross-functional solutions for winning in the marketplace.
Lamar Johnson, Executive Director
Dr. Wayne Hoyer, Marketing Department Chair
Lori Van Orden, Administrator

Energy Management and Innovation Center

The mission of the Energy Management and Innovation Center is to contribute to a better understanding of the economic, commercial and policy issues involved in the production, distribution and consumption of energy.
Dr. Sheridan Titman, Executive Director
Dr. John C. Butler, Associate Director, Academics
Brooks Hanna, Program Coordinator

Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence

The Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence brings together executives from leading corporations with McCombs School faculty and students for the purpose of producing research, providing a forum for industry to interact with academia and educating students to become future leaders in supply chain management.
Lamar Johnson, Senior Associate Director
Dr. Douglas Morrice, Director
Diana Busler, Senior Program Coordinator

Real Estate Finance and Investment Center

The Real Estate Finance and Investment Center is the first research center at a leading university to specialize in the intersection of real estate and finance. With its home in the Finance Department, the center takes advantage of the exceptional faculty in the department to cultivate cutting-edge research on finance-related real estate issues.
Dr. Jay Hartzell, Executive Director
Rachel Allen, Program Director
Mary Cone, Senior Administrative Associate

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