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Why You Should Partner with McCombs

The McCombs School of Business educates more than 6,000 students a year, giving it one of the largest cumulative impacts of any business school in the world. As a corporate partner, you have the chance to engage, influence, and hire future business and thought leaders.


Top 10 reasons to get involved with the McCombs School of Business:

  1. Excellent rankings - McCombs is the only business school where most of its undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked in the top 10, and McCombs is #6 overall in Bloomberg Businessweek 
  2. Best and brightest students - Most students come from the top 5% of their graduating classes providing McCombs with the very best students from across the state and the world.
  3. Distinguished faculty - A vibrant intellectual environment is essential for any prominent business school, and, at McCombs, that core intellectual capital is nurtured within our academic departments.
  4. Commitment to experiential learning - McCombs’ extensive hands-on, real-world learning opportunities set our students apart and better prepare them for a smoother transition into professional positions.
  5. Leadership development – McCombs helps students develop their character and credibility, creating better prepared, more knowledgeable leaders.
  6. Innovation focus– McCombs has been dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and encouraging collaboration among researchers, developers, and investors. 
  7. Geographic advantage – Located in one of the most innovative, business-friendly regions in the world, the McCombs School is positioned to conveniently offer human and intellectual resources that help businesses thrive. 
  8. Dedicated CFR team – the McCombs School has a 5-member team who is dedicated to helping corporations and foundations navigate the school to meet their engagement goals. 
  9. Top-ranked career services office – the McCombs School’s Career Services team is dedicated to preparing students for the workforce and connecting them to employers through a series of engagement activities. 
  10. Tier 1 research institute – UT Austin is a designated Tier One research institute that promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration with faculty from Dell Med, computer science, and engineering, and natural science, to name a few.

What are the benefits to your organization?

  • Recruit top-tier talent who are trained to deliver
  • Access to fresh ideas through interaction with faculty at one of the top research universities
  • Strengthen ties and align with the premier business school in Texas
  • Utilize McCombs resources to help you achieve your strategic business objectives
  • Contribute to the community and enhance brand profile
  • Enjoy a state-of-the-art career center with 42 interview rooms onsite
  • Tap an alumni network of over 95,000+ people in 50 states and 104 countries
  • Work with our centers of excellence that facilitate interaction between industry, students, and faculty to enhance classroom experiences; enable real world problem solving; and promote scholarly research opportunities.

Page last updated: 4/17/2019