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For many years, tax doctoral students at the University of Texas at Austin would meet to read papers – both working papers and seminal papers. This initiative generated self-starters who read beyond formal seminars or visiting speakers. In 2008, we began to invite cutting-edge papers from colleagues nationally and internationally. UT’s tax doctoral students would correspond with tax faculty elsewhere to solicit papers. We expanded the group by inviting tax students and faculty from both accounting and finance, and branded it as the Texas Tax Readings Group. We formalize our group discussion into mini referee reports, and one of our doctoral students corresponds with the author(s). As a result, the Texas Tax Readings Group has become an important place for accomplished researchers to vet early work and solicit constructive feedback.

A Letter from the Texas Tax Readings Group

October 2020

Dear Colleague,

Have you discovered something new that you want to share with your tax research colleagues? The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin is home to an active group of tax scholars in accounting and finance who comprise the Texas Tax Readings Group. The Texas Tax Readings Group meets regularly to read national colleagues’ new working papers.

If you would like our comments, please send your working paper to Ryan Hess and Anthony Welsch.

From the papers we receive, we select several each semester that extend our existing research interests or help us learn about new areas. We hope to encourage your former students to apply to our doctoral programs so that we can continue to build our tax doctoral programs in accounting and finance with fresh minds and new ideas.  We also encourage interested accounting applicants to learn more about the shortage of tax accounting professors and available doctoral funding through the Accounting Doctoral Scholar program.

Yours very truly,

The Texas Tax Readings Group

Our regular participants are:

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