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Recent BGS Faculty Publications

BGS Faculty Research


Brian K. Richter, Adam Fremeth (Western University), & Brandon Schaufele (University of Ottawa), (Forthcoming July 2013) "Campaign Contributions over CEO's Careers," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (Vol 5, Issue 3)

Robert Prentice, (Forthcoming August 2014), "Teaching Behavioral Ethics," Journal of Legal Studies Education (Volume 3, Issue 2) which is accessible here (.pdf of file)


Brian K. Richter & Jeffrey Timmons, "Why Not Adopt Better Institutions?" Oxford Development Studies (Vol 40, Issue 2, p. 272-281).

John R. Allison, Emerson H. Tiller (Northwestern University), Samantha Zyontz (George Mason University), & Tristan Bligh(Northwestern University), “Patent Litigation and the Internet,” Stanford Technology Law Review 3.

Dain C. Donelson, John M. McInnis(University of Texas, Accounting), & R.D. Mergenthaler Jr.(University of Iowa), "The Timeliness of Bad Earnings News and Litigation Risk," The Accounting Review, (forthcoming)

Dain C. Donelson, John M. McInnis(University of Texas, Accounting), & R.D. Mergenthaler Jr.(University of Iowa), "Rules-based Accounting Standards and Litigation," The Accounting Review, (forthcoming).

Dain C. Donelson & Robert A. Prentice, “Scienter Pleading and Rule 10b-5: Empirical Analysis and Behavioral Implications,” Case Western Reserve Law Review (forthcoming).

Robert A. Prentice, “Beyond Temporal Explanations of Corporate Crime,” Virginia Journal of Criminal Law (forthcoming).

Dain C. Donelson, John M. McInnis(University of Texas, Accounting), & Richard D. Mergenthaler Jr.(University of Iowa), "Discontinuities and Earnings Management: Evidence from Restatements Related to Securities Litigation," Contemporary Accounting Research (forthcoming).

Dain C. Donelson & Robert Resutek(Dartmouth College), "The Effect of R&D on Future Returns and Earnings Forecasts," Review of Accounting Studies (forthcoming).

David B. Spence, “Federalism, Regulatory Lags, and the Political Economy of Energy Production,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review, (forthcoming).

David B. Spence & Robert Prentice, “The Transformation of American Energy Regulation and the Problem of Market Power”, Boston College Law Review, 53:131-202 (2012).

David B. Spence, “Regulation, Climate Change and the Electric Grid,” San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law, 3:267-98 (2011-12).

Robert A. Prentice, "Good Directors and Bad Behavior," Business Horizons, (forthcoming).


Werner, Timothy, "The Sound, the Fury, and the Non-event: Business Power and Market Reactions to the Citizens United Decision." American Politics Research 39 (1): 118-41.

Richter, Brian K & Adam Fremeth, "Staying Ahead of and Profiting from Environmental Regulatory Uncertainty: Integrated Strategies for Competitive Advantage," California Management Review (Vol 54, Issue 1, p. 145-165).

John R. Allison, Mark A. Lemley (Stanford), & Joshua W. Walker (Stanford), “Patent Quality and Risk Aversion Among Repeat Patent Litigants,” Georgetown Law Journal.

Dain C. Donelson, Ross Jennings, & John McInnis, "Changes Over Time in the Revenue-Expense Relation: Accounting or Economics?," The Accounting Review, 86 (3).

Dain C. Donelson and D. Zaring, "Requiem for a Regulator: The Office of Thrift Supervision and the Financial Crisis," North Carolina Law Review, 89 (5).

Robert A. Prentice, “Permanently Reviving the Temporary Insider,” Journal of Corporation Law, 36: 343-389 (2011)

Robert A. Prentice, "Moral Equilibrium: Stock Brokers and the Limits of Disclosure," Wisconsin Law Review, 2011: 1059-1107.

David Spence, “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas Industry,” Chicago-Kent Law Review, 86:59-85.

David B. Spence, “Regulation, “Republican Moments,” and Energy Policy Reform,” BYU Law Review, 5:1561-1623 (2011). 

  • 2010

    John R. Allison, Mark A. Lemley, and Joshua W. Walker, “Extreme Value or Trolls on Top? Characteristics of the Most-Litigated Patents,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 158:1-37.

    Frank B. Cross and Dain Donelson, "Creating Quality Courts," Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 7:490-510.

    Frank B. Cross, James F. Spriggs II, Timothy R. Johnson, and Paul J. Wahlbeck, "Citations in the U.S. Supreme Court:  An Empirical Study of Their Use and Significance," Illinois Law Review, 489-575.

    Michael Luchs, Rebecca Walker Naylor, Julie R. Irwin and Rajagopal Raghunathan, “The Sustainability Liability: Potential Negative Effects of Ethicality on Product Preference,” Journal of Marketing, 74:18-31.

    Robert A. Prentice, “New Directions in Legal Scholarship: Implications for Business Ethics Research, Theory, and Practice,” Business Ethics Quarterly (with John Hasnas & Alan Strudler),

    Robert A. Prentice and Dain C. Donelson, “Insider Trading as a Signaling Device,” American Business Law Journal, 47(1):1-73.

    David Spence, “The Political Barriers to a National RPS,” Connecticut Law Review, 42:1451-73.

  • 2009

    Arti K. Rai (Duke University), John R. Allison, Bhaven Sampat (Columbia University), “University Software Ownership and Litigation: A First Examination,” North Carolina Law Review, 87:1519-1570.

    Frank B. Cross, “Collegiality and Ideology in the Courts,” Northwestern Law Review, 1399-1426.

    Frank B. Cross and Stefanie Lindquist, "Judging the Judges," Duke Law Journal 58:1383-1437.

    Frank B. Cross, "Collegiality and Ideology in the Courts," Northwestern Law Review, 103:1399-1426.

    Frank B. Cross and Stefanie Lindquist, “Measuring Judicial Activism,” New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

    Leonardo Nicolao, Julie R. Irwin and Joseph Goodman, “Happiness for Sale: Do Experiential or Material Purchases Lead to Greater Retrospective Happiness?” Journal of Consumer Research, 36 (August):188-198.

    Julie R. Irwin and Rebecca Walker Naylor, “Ethical Decisions and Response Mode Compatibility: Weighting of Ethical Attributes in Consideration Sets Formed by Excluding versus Including Product Alternatives,” Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (April):234-246.

    Robert A. Prentice, “Scheme Liability: Does It Have a Future After Stoneridge?” Wisconsin Law Review, 351-419.

    David Spence, “Why Does ERCOT Have Only One Regulator,” in Electricity Restructuring: The Texas Story (Keisling and Kleit, eds., The AEI Press (with Darren Bush).

    Timothy Werner, 2009. “Congressmen of the Silent South: The Persistence of Southern Racial Liberals, 1949–1964.” Journal of Politics 71 (1): 70–81.
    Brian K. Ricther, Krislert Samphantharak, & Jeffrey Timmons, "Lobbying & Taxes," American Journal of Political Science (Vol 53, Issue 4. p. 893-909. (October 2009)).

BGS Faculty-Authored Texts

Timothy Werner, Forthcoming (2013). “Total Executive Compensation and Regulatory Threat.” In Business and Government: Critical Perspectives, eds. Matthew Maguire and Graham K. Wilson. London, UK: Routledge.

Timothy Werner, (2012). Public Forces and Private Politics in American Big Business (vol 1, pp. 197). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

John R. Allison, Arti K. Rai (Duke University), & Bhaven Sampat (Columbia Univ.), University Software: Patents, Open Source, and Commercialization, in Perspectives on Commercializing Innovation, Cambridge University Press (F. Scott Kieff & Troy A. Paredes, eds., forthcoming 2011).

Dean Bredeson, K. Goree (2011), Chapter 3 - Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. Jane Phelan (Ed.), Ethics in the Workplace (vol. 2, pp. TBD). Mason, OH: Cengage.

Dean Bredeson, J. Beatty and S. Samuelson (2011). Vicky True (Ed.), Essential of Business Law (vol. 3, pp. 800). Mason, OH: Cengage.

Dean Bredeson (2011). Vicki True, Kendra Brown (Ed.), Applied Business Ethics (1st ed., vol. 1, pp. 600). Mason, OH: Cengage.

Werner, Timothy, and Graham K. Wilson. (2010). “Divided but Strong: Business Representation in Washington, D.C.” In Oxford Handbook of Business and Government, eds. David Coen, Wyn Grant, and Graham K. Wilson. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Dean Bredeson and Robert Prentice (2009), Vicky True (Ed.), Student Guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2nd ed., vol. 1, pp. 125). Mason, OH: Cengage.

Dean Bredeson, J. Beatty and S. Samuelson (2009) Vicky True (Ed.), Essentials of Business Law (vol. 3, pp. 800). Mason, OH: Cengage.

Frank Cross and Roger LeRoy Miller (2009), The Legal Environment of Business: Text and Cases (7th ed.) Mason, OH: Cengage.

Frank Cross and Roger LeRoy Miller (2007), The Legal Environment Today: Business in Its Ethical, Regulatory, E-Commerce, and Global Setting (6th ed.) Mason, OH: Thomson Learning.

Frank Cross, Kenneth Clarkson, Gaylord Jentz, and LeRoy Miller (2009) Business Law: Text and Cases (11th ed.) Mason, OH: Cengage.

Frank Cross, LeRoy Miller, Gaylor Jentz (2009), Essentials of the Legal Environment (3d ed.) Mason, OH: Cengage

Robert Prentice (2010), The Ethical and Legal Environment of Accounting (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage.

Robert Prentice and John Allison (2010), Business Law (11th ed.). Austin, TX: University of Texas Co-op.

David Spence (2010), Energy Economics and the Environment (3d ed.). New York, NY: Foundation Press. (with F. Bosselman, J. Eisen, J. Rossi and J. Weaver).

Werner, Timothy, and Graham K. Wilson. 2008. “Interest Groups.” In Comparative Politics, ed. Daniele Caramani. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Werner, Timothy, Kenneth R. Mayer, and Amanda D. Williams. 2006. “Do Public Funding Programs Enhance Electoral Competition?” In The Marketplace of Democracy: Electoral Competition and American Politics, eds. Michael P. McDonald and John Samples. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution. Reprinted (2008 and 2012) in Election Law: Cases and Materials, eds. Daniel Hayes Lowenstein, Richard L. Hasen, and Daniel P. Tokaji. 4th and 5th ed. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press.

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