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Seminar Speaker Series

The Seminar Speaker Series invites leading academics to present their research at the McCombs School of Business. Seminars are Thursdays at 11:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. These seminars are open to faculty and Ph.D. students. 

Legacy Room 3.202
Legacy Room 3.202

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
03/07 Motohiro Yogo
Princeton University
Legacy Events 3.202
Gary Gorton
Yale University
Legacy Events 3.202
03/28 Lukas Schmid
Duke University
Legacy Events 3.302
04/04 Jules van Binsbergen
University of Pennsylvania
Legacy Events 3.202
04/11 Alan Moreira
University of Rochester
Legacy Events 3.202
04/18 Johannes Stroebel
New York University
Legacy Events 3.202
04/25 Andres Liberman
New York University
Legacy Events 3.202
05/02 Dimitri Vayanos
London School of Economics
Legacy Events 3.202
05/09 Andrea Eisfeldt
University of California, Los Angeles
Legacy Events 3.302

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
9/20 Anthony DeFusco
Northwestern Kellogg Legacy Events 3.202 Regulating Household Leverage
9/27 Nadya Malenko
Boston College
Legacy Events 3.202 Deadlock on the Board
10/4 Matteo Benetton University of California, Berkeley Legacy Events 3.202 Leverage Regulation and Market Structure
10/25 Giorgia Piacentino Columbia Legacy Events 3.202 Conflicting Priorities: A Theory of Covenants and Collateral
11/1 Scott Nelson Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Legacy Events 3.202 Private Information and Price Regulation in the US Credit Card Market
11/8 Jonathan Berk Stanford University Legacy Events 3.202 Regulation of Charlatans in High-Skill Professions
11/15 Christopher Palmer MIT Sloan Legacy Events 3.202 The Capitalization of Consumer Financing into Durable Goods Prices
12/6 Philipp Schnabl NYU Stern Legacy Events 3.202 Banking on Deposits: Maturity Transformation without Interest Rate Risk

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
3/1 Arvind Krishnamurthy
Stanford University Big Bend Conference Room 2.564 Foreign Safe Asset Demand and the Dollar Exchange Rate
3/8 Christine Parlour
University of California, Berkeley
Big Bend Conference Room 2.564 Making Money: Commercial Banks, Liquidity Transformation and the Payment System
3/22 Gary Gorton Yale University CBA Events Room 3.304 Good Booms, Bad Booms
3/27 Pablo Kurlat Stanford University Legacy Events 3.202 The Social Value of Financial Expertise
4/5  Jeffrey Wurgler New York University Legacy Events 3.202

Financing Climate Change Solutions: The Pricing and Ownership of U.S. Green Bonds
4/12 Adriano Rampini Duke University Legacy Events 3.202
Financing Durable Assets
4/19  Saki Bigio University of California, Los Angeles Legacy Events 3.202
Optimal Debt-Maturity Management 
4/26 Daniel Paravisini London School of Economics Legacy Events 3.202
How Sensitive is Young Firm Investment to the Cost of Outside Equity? 
5/3 Kelly Shue Yale University Legacy Events 3.202
Can the Market Multiply and Divide? Non-Proportional Thinking in Financial Markets

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
9/7 Andrey Malenko
MIT Sloan

CBA Events Room 3.304

Asymmetric Information and Security Design under Knightian Uncertainty
9/14 Thomas Bates
Arizona State University Carey
CBA Events Room 3.304

Performance-Based Turnover on Corporate Boards
9/21 Hanno Lustig
Legacy Room 3.202

Gravity in FX R-Squared: Understanding the Factor Structure in Exchange Rates
9/28 Effi Benmelech Northwestern Kellogg
Legacy Room 3.202

Debt, Information, and Illiquidity
10/5 Laurent Fresard Maryland Smith UTC 3.112
4 - 5:30pm
Ripple Effects of Noise on Corporate Investment
10/19 Ian Dew-Becker Northwestern Kellogg Legacy Room 3.202

Uncertainty shocks as second-moment news shocks
10/26 Sydney Ludvingson
NYU Stern

Legacy Room 3.202

Monetary Policy and Asset Valuation
11/2 Shai Bernstein

Legacy Room 3.202

Does Economic Insecurity Affect Employee Innovation?
11/9 Christian Opp
Legacy Room 3.202

Voluntary Disclosure in Bilateral Transactions
11/16 Eduardo Davila
NYU Stern
Legacy Room 3.202

House Price Beliefs and Mortgage Leverage Choice
11/30 Samuel Hanson
Legacy Room 3.202

The Decline of Big-Bank Lending to Small Business: Dynamic Impacts on Local Credit and Labor Markets
12/7 Victoria Vanasco
Legacy Room 3.202

Securitization, Ratings, and Credit Supply

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
3/2 Andrea Buffa
Boston University Legacy Room 3.202

Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Benchmarking
3/9 Miriam Schwartz-Ziv
Michigan State University
Legacy Room 3.202

Blockholder Heterogeneity, Multiple Blocks,
and the Dance Between Blockholders
3/23 Zhiguo He
University of Chicago
Legacy Room 3.202

Leverage Dynamics without Commitment
3/30 Jessica Wachter
University of Pennsylvania-Wharton
Legacy Room 3.202

Risk, Unemployment, and the Stock Market: A Rare-Event-Based Explanation of Labor Market Volatility
4/6 Emmanuel Farhi
Harvard University
Legacy Room 3.202

A Model of the International Monetary System
4/13 Pietro Veronesi
University of Chicago
Legacy Room 3.202

Political Cycles and Stock Returns
4/20 David Hirshleifer
University of California, Irvine
Legacy Room 3.202

Visibility Bias in the Transmission of Consumption Norms and Undersaving

5/2 Juliane M. Beganau
Harvard University
Legacy Room 3.202

Firm Selection and Corporate Cash Holdings
5/4 David Thesmar
MIT Sloan
Legacy Room 3.202

Aggregating Estimates of Firm-level Capital Distortions
5/11 Alexander Ljungqvist
NYU Stern
Legacy Room 3.202

Busy Directors, Strategic Interaction, and Monitoring Synergies

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
9/1 Amir Sufi University of Chicago Legacy Room 3.202 Household Debt and Business Cycles Worldwide

9/8 Maria Guadalupe INSEAD Legacy Room 3.202 Price and Probability: Decomposing the Takeover
Effects of Anti-Takeover Provisions
9/13 Marcin Kacperczyk  Imperial College UTC 3.134 Chasing Private Information

9/20 Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh  NYU-Stern Legacy Room 3.202
Identifying the Benefits from Home Ownership:
A Swedish Experiment
9/23 Viral Acharya 
Legacy Room 3.202 Whatever it takes: The Real Effects of Unconventional
Monetary Policy
9/29 Nick Barberis Yale School of Management Legacy Room 3.202 Extrapolation and Bubbles

10/6 Antoinette Schoar MIT-Sloan
Legacy Room 3.202
Do Credit Card Companies Screen for Behavioral Biases?

10/14 Jonathan Parker  MIT-Sloan Legacy Room 3.202 Reported Preference vs. Revealed Preference:
The propensity to spend tax rebates
10/20 Peter Kondor London School of Economics Legacy Room 3.202 Cursed Financial Innovation

10/27 Xiaoji Lin Ohio State University Legacy Room 3.202 The Finance-Uncertainty Multiplier

11/3 Enrique Sentana CEMFI Legacy Room 3.202 Empirical Evaluation of Overspecified Asset Pricing Models

11/10 Tobias Moskowitz University of Chicago

11/17 Brian Melzer Kellogg School of Management Legacy Room 3.202 Accelerator or Brake? Cash for Clunkers, household Liquidity, and Aggregate Demand
12/1 Adi Sunderam Harvard Business School Legacy Room 3.202
The Cross Section of Bank Value

12/8 Philip Bond University of Washington Legacy Room 3.202 The Equilibrium Consequences of Indexing

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
2/11 Juhani Linnainmaa University of Chicago Legacy Room 3.202 The History of the Cross Section of Stock Returns

2/25 Michael Weisbach Ohio State University Legacy Room 3.202  

3/3 Toby Moskowitz University of Chicago CANCELLED  

3/11 Alp Simsek MIT Sloan GSB3.104 The Choice Channel of Financial Innovation

3/24 Bruce Carlin UCLA
Legacy Room 3.202 Financial Exaggeration and the Allocation of Capital

3/31 Tara Bhandari Securities and Exchange Commission Legacy Room 3.202 Public versus Private Provision of Governance: The Case of Proxy  Access
4/5 John Campbell   Harvard Business School
CBA 4.328 The Cross-Section of Household Preferences

4/14 Tomasz Piskorski Columbia Legacy Room 3.202 Mortgage Refinancing, Consumer Spending, and Competition:  Evidence from the Home Affordable Refinancing Program
4/21 Martijn Cremers Notre Dame Legacy Room 3.202 Staggered Boards and Long-Term Firm Value, Revisited

5/5 Harrison Hong Princeton
Legacy Room 3.202 Stock Market Coverage

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
9/3 Stefano Giglio University of Chicago Legacy Room 3.202  Excess Volatility: Beyond Discount Rates

9/10 Jonathan Berk Stanford
Legacy Room 3.202 Matching Capital and Labor

9/17 Itzhak Ben-David Ohio State University Legacy Room 3.202 The Granular Nature of Large Institutional Investors

9/24 Barney Hartman-Glaser UCLA Legacy Room 3.202 Dynamic Agency and Real Options
9/29 Wei Jiang Columbia
Legacy Room 3.202 Influencing Control: Jawboning in Risk Arbitrage

10/8 Holger Mueller NYU Stern Legacy Room 3.202 Firm Leverage and Unemployment during the Great Recession

10/15 Joao Gomes Wharton
Legacy Room 3.202
Beyond Q: Investment without Asset Prices

10/22 Toni Whited University of Michigan Legacy Room 3.202 Labor and Capital under Financing Frictions

10/29 Liu Yang University of Maryland Legacy Room 3.202 The Human Factor in Acquisitions

11/6 Brent Glover Carnegie Mellon University
GSB 2.120 Idiosyncratic Risk and the Manager

11/12 Jack Favilukis University of British Columbia
Legacy Room 3.202 The Elephant in the Room: the Impact of Labor

11/19 Stefan Nagel University of Michigan GSB 5.153 The Liquidity Premium of Near-Money Assets

12/3 Ralph Koijen London Business School GSB 5.153 An Equilibrium Model of Institutional Demand and Asset Prices
12/7 Stavros Panageas University of Chicago Legacy Room 3.202 What to Expect when Everyone is Expecting: Self-Fulfilling Expectations and Asset-Pricing Puzzles
12/10 Hengjie Ai  Minnesota Legacy Room 3.202 Uncertainty Aversion in Macro-Announcements

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
2/12 Chris Parsons UCSD
Legacy Room 3.202 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Medicine
2/26 Renee Adams UNSW
Legacy Room 3.202 Lehman Sisters
3/5 Stuart Gillan U of Georgia
Legacy Room 3.202 Incentives, Termination Payments, and CEO Contracting
3/10 Thomas Philoppon  NYU
Legacy Room 3.202 Runs versus Lemons: Information Disclosure and Fiscal Capacity
3/26 Itai Ashlagi MIT
UTC 3.102 Unbalanced Random Matching Markets: The Stark Effect of Competition
3/31 Itzhak Ben-David  Ohio State CANCELLED
4/6 Allaudeen Hameed NUS
Legacy Room 3.202

4/7 Shawn Cole Harvard Legacy Room 3.202 How Does Risk Management Influence Production Decisions?
4/16 Elroy Dimson LBS
Legacy Room 3.202 The Keynes Collection and Art Appraisal 
4/23 Itay Goldstein Wharton
Legacy Room 3.202 Do Asset Price Booms have Negative Real Effects? 
4/28 Josh Lerner  Harvard
Legacy Room 3.202 The Globalization of Angel Investments
5/5 David Solomon USC Legacy Room 3.202 Being Surprised by the Unsurprising: Earnings Seasonality and Stock Returns

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
9/4 Robin Greenwood Harvard Legacy Room 3.202 Price Dynamics in Partially Segmented Capital Markets
9/9 Manuel Adelino Duke Legacy Room 3.202 Firm Age, Investment Opportunities, and Job Creation
9/18 Saki Bigio Columbia Legacy Room 3.202 Banks, Liquidity Management, and Monetary Policy
9/25 Wei Xiong Princeton Legacy Room 3.202 Credit Expansion and Neglected Crash Risk
10/2 Laura Veldkamp NYU Legacy Room 3.202 A Rational Theory of Mutual Funds' Attention Allocation
10/9 Martin Lettau UC Berkeley Legacy Room 3.202 Origins of Stock Market Fluctuations
10/16 Frederico Belo Minnesota Legacy Room 3.202 External Equity Financing Shocks, Financial Flows, and Asset Prices
10/23 Pierre-Olivier Weill UCLA Green Room 4.350 Heterogeneity in Decentralized Asset Markets
10/28 Tarun Ramadorai Oxford Legacy Room 3.202 Home Away From Home? Safe-Haven Effects and London House Prices
11/6 Thomas Philippon NYU Legacy Room 3.202
11/13 David Matsa Northwestern Legacy Room 3.202
11/20 Dirk Jenter Stanford Legacy Room 3.202
12/4 Alessandro Previtero Western, Ontario Legacy Room 3.202  Retail Financial Advice: Does One Size Fit All?

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
2/27 Cosmin Ilut Duke Legacy Room 3.202 Uncertainty shocks, asset supply and pricing over the business cycle
3/4 Ken Singleton Stanford Legacy Room 3.202
3/20 Hui Chen MIT Legacy Room 3.202 Debt, Taxes, and Liquidity
3/27 Robert Whitelaw NYU-Stern Legacy Room 3.202 Comovement and Momentum
4/3 Katharina Lewellen Dartmouth Legacy Room 3.202 Internal Ownership Structures of U.S. Multinational Firms
4/10 Arvind Krisnamurthy Northwestern Legacy Room 3.202 Short-term Debt and Financial Crises: What we learn from U.S. Treasury Supply
4/17 Monika Piazzesi Stanford Legacy Room 3.202 Banks' Risk Exposures
4/24 Albert Pete Kyle Maryland Legacy Room 3.202 Market Microstructure Invariance: Theory and Empirical Tests
5/1 Jarrad Harford Washington Legacy Room 3.202 Corporate Financial Policies in Misvalued Credit Markets

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
9/5 David Yermack NYU Legacy Room 3.202 Smokescreen: How managers behave when they have something to hide
9/10 George Constantinides Chicago GSB 5.142A Asset Pricing with Countercyclical Household Consumption Risk
9/19 Xavier Gabaix NYU GSB 2.120 International Liquidity and Exchange Rate Dynamics
9/26 Nick Roussanov Wharton Legacy Room 3.202 Houses as ATMs? Mortgage Refinancing and Macroeconomic Uncertainty
10/3 David Scharfstein Harvard Legacy Room 3.202 Concentration in Mortgage Lending,Refinancing Activity, and Mortgage Rates
10/10 Monika Piazzesi Stanford CANCELLED Banks Risk Exposures
10/15 Efraim Benmelech Kellogg CANCELLED The Agglomeration of Bankruptcy
10/22 Maju Puri Duke Legacy Room 3.202 Loan officer incentives and the limits of hard information
10/31 Tano Santos Columbia Legacy Room 3.202 Cream Skimming in Financial Markets Distribution and Origination Incentives
11/5 Paul Tetlock Columbia Legacy Room 3.202 Retail Short Selling and Stock Prices
11/12 Mara Faccio Purdue CANCELLED CEO Gender, Corporate Risk-Taking, and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation
11/21 Gideon Saar Cornell CBA 3.202 Hidden Liquidity: Some new light on dark trading
12/5 Nick Bloom Stanford Legacy Room 3.202 Really Uncertain Business Cycles
12/12 Andrew Karolyi Cornell Legacy Room 3.202 Regulatory arbitrage and cross-border bank acquisitions

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Affiliation Location Paper
3/07 Lukas Schmidt Duke University Legacy Room 3.202 Fiscal Policy and the Distribution of Consumption Risk
3/21 Wayne Ferson USC Legacy Room 3.202 Performance Measurement with Market and Volatility Timing and Selectivity
3/28 David Sraer Princeton Legacy Room 3.202 Speculative Betas
4/04 Lu Zhang Ohio State University Legacy Room 3.202 An Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Labor Market Search
4/11 Ivo Welch UCLA Legacy Room 3.202 Disaster Risk and the Equity Premium and Long-Term Capital Budgeting
4/16 Ilya Strebulaev Stanford University Legacy Room 3.202 Investment Busts, Reputation, and the Temptation to Blend in with the Crowd
4/25 Ravi Bansai Duke University Legacy Room 3.202 Temperature, Aggregate Risk, and Expected Returns
5/02 Matteo Maggiori NYU Legacy Room 3.202 Conditional Risk Premia in Currency Markets and Other Asset Classes

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