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IROM Course Descriptions can be found in the Course Catalogs for Undergraduates and Graduates.
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Undergraduate Course Syllabi may be accessed via the university's official Syllabi and CVs System.  If you require a copy of a course syllabus from a semester not provided, please contact the IROM Departmental office at 512-471-3322.

Enrollment in undergraduate courses in the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations
Management is restricted to business students. Exceptions:

  • Nonbusiness majors whose degree programs specifically require an upper-division business course may take the required course. Students who find that they cannot add the course via the web should check with the BBA program office, CBA 2.400, for verification of eligibility to take the course. Enrollment exception petitions must be submitted prior to the fourth class day (second class day in summer).
  • MIS 302F Business Foundations Program course is open only to nonbusiness students. Business Foundations Program courses may not be counted toward the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.
  • O M courses are open to engineering students.
  • R M 357E is open to all upper-division business and engineering students and to economics and actuarial science majors.

Students are expected to meet course prerequisites. A student who has not met the stated prerequisites may be dropped from the course.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, evening examinations lasting from one to three hours may be held at times announced in advance through the class syllabus, which the instructor must furnish the first week of regularly scheduled classes.

Independent Research courses. Prior to registering for MIS 179, MIS 379, O M 179, O M 379, or R M 379, students must contact a faculty member of their choice in this department to discuss registration for independent study. Students registering for these courses must obtain written approval in the department chair's office.

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STA 309 Review

Has it been quite some time since you took your introductory statistics course? Or are you wanting to have another place to polish up your statistical knowledge? Well, you came to the right place! Below are some useful links for information about a topic that, for many, is very difficult. Having this type of material presented in more than one way is important, since we all learn in different ways.

Just The Facts by Topic
The Khan Academy, where the old-fashioned statistical lecture still rules.

Virtual Lab in Statistics
Online Statistics Book - Read and Learn from David Lane of Rice University. Includes: online stat book, interactive multimedia course, simulations, glossary of statistical terms, links to other sites, topical books, case studies, and more.