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STA 309 Review

Has it been quite some time since you took your introductory statistics course? Or are you wanting to have another place to polish up your statistical knowledge? Well, you came to the right place! Below are some useful links for information about a topic that, for many, is very difficult. Having this type of material presented in more than one way is important, since we all learn in different ways.

Just The Facts by Topic
The Khan Academy, where the old-fashioned statistical lecture still rules.

Virtual Lab in Statistics
Online Statistics Book - Read and Learn from David Lane of Rice University. Includes: online stat book, interactive multimedia course, simulations, glossary of statistical terms, links to other sites, topical books, case studies, and more.

InterAct Math
Test your knowledge at InterAct Math. Click "Enter" and you'll see a drop down menu that says "Choose a Book". Select Sharpe, Business Statistics, 2e. You will be able to select chapters and topics to review. In addition, you will be able to test your knowledge of these topics and receive immediate feedback.

Page last updated: 5/16/2013