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Rick Byar Teaches the "Killer K" Class

 MIS 333K, Business Web Development, is one of the toughest classes in the MIS major. It culminates with an intensive 6-week, team web-development project.  Many students say the K project is the most challenging assignment of their college careers.   The class, currently being taught by Rick Byars, is designed to teach students how to develop custom web applications in today's business world.

Although Rick Byars, UT alum, enjoyed his years of work as a river guide, he says teaching in the MIS Program is "the most fun I've had in a long time." Of course, challenges abound. Specifically, he works to "not to take it personally when I can't reach every student or when someone doesn't like me." But most people end up with fond memories of their "Killer K" experience.

Each semester, on the last day of class, Rick pulls out slides from his longhaired days as a river guide to remind students to look at themselves "outside the business box" and to savor "more than the dollar sign and climbing the ladder."

Rick's one wish is for the alumni to come back to a big reunion. He says, "we're here [at UT], not out there. We can read about it, but we're not doing it every day. It is our relationship with MIS alums that keep us on the right course." Who knows! Maybe if y'all come back for a get-together, Rick will show his "special" slide!

Click here to see Rick's music video, the System Project Blues.

Rick Byars Playing guitar

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