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MIS Students - What do they have to say?

This spring, MIS faculty hosted the MIS Senior Celebration, a congratulatory reception for their graduating seniors.  While at the reception, students were asked a series of questions about their likes, dislikes, and suggestions relating to the MIS program. Here's what they had to say:

What were the best and/or worst projects in MIS?

"Best- MIS 333K. I learned how to manage my time, and, more importantly, how to be responsible in a group setting. The 'K' Project added a whole new meaning to the word 'accountable'."

"Best- MIS 374 project coding. Worst- The paperwork for the MIS 374 project."

"Best- the K Project because it was challenging yet manageable- felt very accomplished finishing. Worst- 374- much more time consuming and tedious than K."

"Worst: The 333K project. Way too much to do, not enough time or sleep all semester. Best: 374 project. The client actually uses our stuff!"

What was your most useful/practical MIS class?

"Consulting work (MIS 374) and strategic management (MIS 375)."

"MIS 374- Project planning and execution. Such a great experience!"

"MIS 374- Project management and a real client!"

"MIS 374- Clients, creating my own site from the ground up. Learning from nothing!"

"MIS 333K and MIS 374- I worked well with a team/group!"

Why does MIS need innovated electives?

"We need to learn to further the scope of what we do. New ideas are better. We lay the groundwork for the future thinkers of the business world."

"We don't have many options to choose from- it's such a broad major and not enough to choose from. Something like a mobile app class would be super useful!"

"Diversify our skill set...please offer a course on Microsoft Excel/Access."

"Different companies need different skill sets and knowledge. Learning more helps us understand how MIS can be applied in different industries."

"JavaScript/JQuery/HTML5/CSS3 Development and some Objective-C."

"MISers are the leaders of disruptive technology and we need to be equipped to created and ride those waves!"

What was your most inspiring/favorite class in MIS?

"Inspiring- MIS 333K. Rick's last day in a class was very inspiring and fun to participate in. Favorite- MIS 304. Learning how to code to think technically has been an amazing learning experience."

"MIS 374. Welcome to the real world!"

"MIS 333K. All around amazing, so hands on, down & dirty."

"Inspiring- MIS 375 with Anitesh Barua. Favorite- MIS 301 with Katie Gray."

"Favorite- MIS 375. This class gives students the analytical skills that an MIS major needs to grow in corporate companies. Inspiring- MIS 374. Shows MIS majors that everything they've learned in their MIS curriculum can be applied to solve MIS problems."

"Favorite: MIS 304. It was back when coding was fun. Also, 301 because it focused more on processes and less technical. Inspiring- MIS 375 with Barua because I felt I could really apply it to something I could do in the future."

"MIS 301- it's why I chose to major in MIS! Most useful (sorta favorite?) 325. Knowing SQL is such a great skill. Definitely got me both of my internships."

"MIS 374. Put everything we had been learning together."

"MIS 374. Real life experience."

What made you choose MIS?

"I wanted to be in a practical major that was interesting and challenging."

"Having a career that is consistently ahead of the park and always looking forward."

"To be in a field where change is constant & innovation is necessary? – Katie’s 301 class"

"Katie’s class- I liked learning how using technology for a simple business model would make millions."

"Career resources & interesting topics."

"Katie’s 301 class!"

"To understand how technology can be used or is shaping healthcare."

"Because I didn’t want to do anything else (in a good way!) & now I love it!"

"When I walked into my first interview, and although I was nervous, I knew I was well prepared because of MIS curriculum."

When did you feel like a real MISer?

"May 4th, 3:30 am working on the 333K project when we all became delirious."

"Mote’s class – didn’t realize you could spend an entire semester just learning about databases."

"Mote’s class."

"All-nighter in the mil lab! Mil Lab 24 hr sleep craziness."

"Last night of the 333K project. That is the first and only all-nighter I’ve ever pulled for an assignment."

"Spending countless hours in the Mil Lab & forgetting to eat!"

"When we went live with our client project in MIS 374."