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Faculty and MISA Collaborate on Workshops

Faculty/MISA workshops

Starting this semester both faculty and MISA are striving to team up more around efforts to recruit students into the MIS major and expose non-technical students to more technical topics.  We've realized that both groups benefit when we have more students and also when we get younger students excited about IT.  Last year MISA teamed with Lecturer Clint Tuttle to pilot a workshop about HTML/CSS for freshmen and non-business majors.  They also held an Advanced Excel workshop about programming macros which had over 100 attendees.  See details on what workshops we did this Fall!

No Pressure Programming using Xamarin with 3M

This year MISA worked with Tuttle, Tina Beamer (MIS Alumni), and Beamer's teammates at 3M to hold a workshop about mobile program in Xamarin.  Xamarin is a platform for building native mobile apps in Android, Windows, and iOS using a single C# codebase. In this worksho, students teamed up and started with an existing game that didn't compiled and had to debug this application and then augment it.  After which we displayed what people did using iOS and Android emulators.  

      no pressure programming #1     no pressure programming #3  no pressure programming #2     no pressure programming #4                                                      no pressure programming #5

Git/GitHub Workshop with Katie Gray

Katie Gray acquired an educational grant for 333K this year to put all hosting for the class on Microsoft Azure.  She also acquired git repositories for each student so K groups could collaborate and manage source code using GitHub.   In this workshop Katie introduced Git, GitHub, and taught students how to use this tool to improve their code collaboration.

github #2     github #3github workshop #1     

If you think you want to get involved with workshops let us know by emailing us at

K Project still going

This Fall the students of 333K will see a new face behind the podium and a new technology stack as well.  One thing that will remain the same though is the infamous K project.  You may recall your experience in K as you assembled code, tested last minute changes, and crossed your fingers hoping for no compile errors.  You also may recall the grading of the project.  Well we snapped a few photos of the K grading this time around and as you can see, not much has changed.  Even a couple alumni dropped in to help grade a project or two.  As you'll see groups all still wait eagerly outside while an assigned team member goes in to be subject to the viscous 20+ page test script.  If you're ever interest in help grading or even donating pizza for the students let us know by reaching out to

k grading #1     K grading #7     K grading #5     K grading #6     K grading #4