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Rick Byars is moving on

It was 35 years ago when Rick Byars began teaching at the University of Texas Business School.  In those days, haircuts were a bit longer and web development projects like last Spring’s 333K were merely a pipedream.  “Mobil” was just an oil & gas company whereas today if you said that to a student, it would have a very different meaning.  Rick began teaching Fortran and Cobol and from the get go, creating the 333K project which would forever be a milestone for all MIS majors that graduated from the BBA program.  Ask anyone who was an MIS Major if they remember Rick or K and without a doubt they’ll tell you “Yes!”

Rick’s contribution to the program cannot be put into words or even this one article.  Through Rick’s efforts, he has taught thousands of students how to be more technical, a more effective team member, and more importantly how to balance life and work.  Rick is known especially for his colorful background prior to teaching and he tells each K class this on his last day before they leave.  The “Byars last class lecture” will live in infamy for many and not only because he plays live music for students on his guitar.  Rick also walked his students through his years at IBM working with NASA, guiding people as a Rafting Guide out west, and how he came to UT.   He reminds his students that while getting the job is an important part of college, he also wants his students to seek happiness. 

Below are pictures taken in the last semester Rick taught.  As you can see, he leaves a great legacy behind that will never be forgotten.  So many people over the last 25 years have put Rick in their “Best Professor Ever” category and it’s likely he’ll remain there for years to come. 

Rick’s Retirement Party


MISA says thank you and goodbye


Rick’s last “last day” lecture


Last K grading day…nothing changes


Moving forward, Katie Gray, a 2015 Alcalde Texas 10 professor, will be taking on the task of teaching MIS 333K. One last update!  Rick has decided that retirement is going to be an adventure and so far, it certainly has been.  Just this past summer he spent time with family, fishing, and below you’ll see him trying out windsurfing.  Careful Rick…..we’ll miss you dearly!