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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Risk Management Certificate?

    The Risk Management Certificate (RMC) is UT’s newest undergraduate certificate. Offered by the Information, Risk and Operations Management (IROM) department of the McCombs School of Business, the certificate is open to all UT undergraduates—business and non-business.

  • Why is there a need for the RMC?

    The business world is increasingly faced with risks from cyber-risk to health care fraud to terrorism, identity theft and financial risks from longevity of life. These risks all have financial consequences that are recurring or crisis. The management of risk is increasingly important in the USA and worldwide. For-Profit and Not-for-Profit enterprises (from charities to government) find themselves confronting risks and the resulting financial consequences daily. Business managers from all areas of expertise need to be prepared to prevent and address risk in order to survive - the ultimate goal of most all enterprises.

    The Risk Management Certificate provides students with a tool kit for contemplating, identifying, prioritizing, and formulating approaches to manage varying types of risks inevitably faced. The RMC allows for six hours of free electives (inside or outside of McCombs) as there are many types of risk a particular student might be faced with including financial crisis risk, natural disasters, cyber risk, risk of political and other crises disrupting supply chains, terrorism, and the reality that all enterprises operate in an increasingly vulnerable and connected infrastructure. Companies need increasing active risk management expertise to survive. 

  • Who should consider the RMC?

    The Risk Management Certificate is designed for both business and non-business majors who expect to be in a management position, including entrepreneurs. Examples include all Business majors who plan to pursue an entry-level job in supply chain, finance, manufacturing, insurance, management information systems, marketing or other business functions. Non-business majors can be students in liberal arts, economics, actuarial science, petroleum engineering, retailing, communications, health care or students from any other discipline who want to understand the impact of risk and the management of risk for the future employer. 

  • What is the certification process?

    Step 1:
    Register for the Risk Management Certificate Program: RMC Registration
    Step 2: Begin taking RMC classes with your UT coursework
    Step 3: Track your certificate progress to stay up to date with what you have completed: Internal Degree Audit
    Step 4: The semester before you complete your RMC coursework, submit your certificate request: RMC Request
      - Submit request by April 1 if you plan on completing RMC coursework in fall
      - Submit request by November 1 if you plan on completing RMC coursework in spring or summer
    Step 5:       Once your RMC coursework has been completed and verified, a digital copy of your certificate will be sent to the e-mail address you provide
      - Please note that the certificate will not appear on your transcript until after graduation

  • What courses are required?

    The RMC requires 18 semester hours of coursework. Students must take the following courses:

    • - RM 357E or URB 351.6
    • - RM 377 or RM 369K
    • - ACC 310F (non-business students) or ACC 311 or ACC 311H
    • - FIN 320F (non-business students) or FIN 357 or FIN 357H

    In addition, students are required to take two elective courses; no more than one course can be offered by the McCombs School of Business. The approved electives are listed on the curriculum page of this website.

  • Can the courses be completed on a pass/fail basis?

    If you want to earn the RM certificate, you must take the required courses for a letter grade.

  • When will my RM certificate appear on my UT transcript?

    The RM certificate will appear on your transcript after graduation. It will not appear anytime before then - even if you complete the certificate a semester or two before you graduate.

  • I'm graduating but still have a few courses to complete, can I still receive the RM certificate?

    You have up to one year after graduation to complete the certificate program for transcript purposes. A maximum of nine hours of certificate coursework may be taken after you have earned your undergraduate degree.