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Extra Credit

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For more information on extra credit options, email the Management Department Subject Pool Administrator with your questions.

Management classes teach information developed in part, by the research of our own management faculty. An exposure to this research and its methods is an experience that is valuable to understanding management topics. At The University of Texas at Austin, the Management Department offers each student enrolled in MAN 320F and select sections of MAN 336 extra credit for a chance to gain some familiarity with the aims, methods, problems, and results of management research.

Management Department Subject Pool

  • Sign up online.
  • All studies end by the last day of class on December 5, 2014 (for the fall 2014 semester).

There are two options for earning extra credit through the Management Department Subject Pool:

  1. Experiment option
  2. Research Paper option. 
The maximum extra credit that can be earned using either option is two extra credit points. You may select either the experiment option OR the research paper option.

Experiment Option

You can participate in research experiments during the semester for extra credit. You earn one extra credit point for each hour of participation, up to a maximum of two hours for two extra credit points.

To earn the maximum amount of extra credit per semester, you must participate in two different one-hour experiments, or one two-hour experiment. You may not participate in the same experiment twice.


  • Register for research experiment credit online.
  • Studies take place throughout the semester. New sign-ups are posted every few weeks, check back frequently for new postings. Postings will also be announced in class and through BlackBoard.
  • Studies often take place in the Behavioral Lab (CBA 6.402), but they may also occur in other classrooms on campus, so you should read the sign-up sheets carefully to note the location of your study. It's your responsibility to participate during the time for which you have signed up.
  • Please note that you should arrive five minutes before the study is scheduled to begin. No late arrivals can be accepted. If you arrive late, you will be unable to participate in that session and will need to be rescheduled. If you are late or don't show up to an experiment twice, you will be unable to sign up for it again. A third late appearance or failure to show up and you will not be able to register for any further experiments for the semester.
  • To ensure you receive your extra credit, make sure to follow all instructions during the experiment so the correct instructor receives notification of your participation.

All questions should be directed to the Management Department Subject Pool Administrator at

Research Paper Option

Another way to become familiar with classical and contemporary management research is by writing a paper on research you have read. The primary purpose of the reading is to become acquainted with the research in its original form. You will have the opportunity to learn from the reading and apply how management researchers present hypotheses, methods and results in your own writing.

You may earn between zero and two extra credit points for the Research Paper Option. If you receive less than two extra credit points, and if there is enough time before final grades are due, the student may receive the opportunity to revise the paper or write a new paper for additional points.


  • Select a topic from the area of management that you would like to examine and find articles from management journals. The paper must have at least two academic citations, and one of them should be from a top management journals (Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, or Organization Science). An easy way to locate articles is to use Business Source Premiere (an online article database available through the library website). Articles from magazines such as Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, etc., are not acceptable. Your references MUST come from academic journals.
  • At a minimum, you should summarize the work you have read. You can present the material as a simple summary, or you could compare or contrast the hypotheses, methodological procedures, statistical procedures, or results.

 Research Paper Requirements

  • Typed, double-spaced (12-point font, one-inch margins), and the body of the paper must be three to five pages to qualify for one point of extra credit or seven to ten pages to qualify for two points of extra credit (not to exceed 20 pages).
  • Use APA style.
  • Attach a reference list.
  • Attach a cover sheet with your name, UT EID, unique number of the class, the semester, and the year.
  • It must be new work created solely for this assignment.
  • It must be your own work. Do not copy articles. Discuss them in your own words. University policies on scholastic dishonesty still apply.
  • The topic of your paper must first gain approval before you can submit it. In order to gain approval, you must send a one paragraph description of your topic to the Management Department Subject Pool Administrator ( no later than 5 p.m., November 17, 2014.
  • The final paper is due in the main management office (CBA 4th floor, c/o Management Department Subject Pool Administrator) no later than 5 p.m., December 1, 2014.