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Tej Anand

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department: Information, Risk, and Operations Mgmt.

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Biography Tej Anand is an award-winning business-technology strategist, advisor, innovator, educator and practitioner with a passion for conceiving and successfully implementing transformative data-driven strategic initiatives.

As an electrical engineer and computer scientist who specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) research in the late 1980’s, he pioneered commercial data mining, now known as data science. After spending three decades teaching computers how to learn and creating meaning from data for business professionals, Tej embarked on a doctorate program in adult learning and organizational leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University that he completed in 2014. His passion is helping businesses find their edge at the intersection of business, data and technology with a central focus on people.

Tej spent the first 10 years of his career working for technology companies – NCR/Teradata, A. C. Nielsen and Philips Research Laboratories – where his work led to several patents and profitable revenue producing products.

After spending 5 years honing his skills as a technology executive and management consultant, Tej moved over to healthcare where for 15 years, as a senior business-technology executive at Medco and CareCentrix he implemented data-driven technology-enabled business models and processes to lower healthcare costs and improve clinical outcomes. His work led to several patents.

In June 2018, Tej redirected his focus to education. He currently is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas in Austin and a Visiting Professor at Columbia University. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership, disruptive change, digital technologies, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity and Blockchain. He is advising early stage start-ups on using Blockchain and AI to disrupt healthcare.
Tejwansh Singh Anand, Shohreh V. Anand, Marguerite Welch, Victoria J. Marsick, and Arthur Langer. Overview of Transformative Learning I: Theory and its Evolution. Reflective Practice 21(6), 732-743.
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