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Dr. Anjos's main research interests are corporate finance and economic and social networks. In particular, he is interested in understanding how networks between individuals or firms influence economic outcomes, for example aggregate patterns of merger activity and economic development. Dr. Anjos received his Ph.D. in finance from Carnegie Mellon University and has professional experience in strategy and business development.


Fernando Anjos and Alejandro Drexler. 2015. Inter-Company Matching and the Supply of Informed Capital. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 111, 119-136.
Fernando Anjos. 2010. Costly Refocusing, the diversification discount, and the pervasiveness of diversified firms. Journal of Corporate Finance 16(3), 276-287.
Fernando Anjos. 2010. Investment commitment and the valuation of underwriting agreements for rights issues. Finance Research Letters 7, 202-213.

Professional Awards

William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation Award in Management or Management Science2008
Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia Doctoral Fellowship2004
William Larimer Mellon Doctoral Fellowship2004
Carnegie Mellon Center for Financial Markets Fellowship2004

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