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Judson Caskey

Judson Caskey
CBA 3.216 (512-471-5752)
Additional Titles:
Assistant Professor, Accounting

Associate Professor



Judson Caskey and Kyle Peterson. 2014. Conservatism Measures that Control for the Effects of Economic Rents on Stock Returns. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 42(4), 731-756.
Daniel Aobdia, Judson Caskey, and N. Ozel. 2014. Inter-Industry Network Structure and the Cross-Predictability of Earnings and Stock Returns. Review of Accounting Studies 19(3), 1191-1224.
Judson Caskey. 2014. The Pricing Effects of Securities Class Action Lawstuis and Litigation Insurance. Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 30(3), 493-532.
Judson Caskey. 2013. Discussion of "The Economics of Setting Auditing Standards". Contemporary Accounting Research 30(3), 1216-1222.
Judson Caskey and Michelle Hanlon. 2013. Dividend Policy at Firms Accused of Accounting Fraud. Contemporary Accounting Research 30(2), 818-850.
Judson Caskey and John Hughes. 2012. Assessing the Impact of Alternative Fair Value Measures on the Efficiency of Project Selection and Continuation. The Accounting Review 87(2), 483-512.
Judson Caskey, John Hughes, and Jing Liu. 2012. Leverage, Excess Leverage and Future Returns. Review of Accounting Studies 17(2), 443-471.
Judson Caskey, Venky Nagar, and Paolo Petacchi. 2010. Reporting Bias with an Audit Committee. The Accounting Review 85(2), 447-481.
Judson Caskey. 2009. Information in Equity Markets with Ambiguity-Averse Investors. Review of Financial Studies 22(9), 3595-3627.

Professional Awards

Deloitte Doctoral Fellowship2005

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