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Jonathan Cohn

Associate Professor

Department: Finance

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CBA 6.248

Jonathan Cohn, Nicole Nestoriak, and Malcolm Wardlaw. 2021. Private Equity Buyouts and Workplace Safety. Review of Financial Studies 34(10), 4832-4875.
Jonathan Cohn, Umit G. Gurun, and Rabih Moussawi. 2020. A Project-level Analysis of Value Creation in Firms. Financial Management 49(2), 423-446.
Jonathan Cohn and Malcolm I. Wardlaw. 2016. Financing Constraints and Workplace Safety. Journal of Finance 71(5), 2017-2058.
Jonathan Cohn, Stuart L. Gillan, and Jay C. Hartzell. 2016. On Enhancing Shareholder Control: A (Dodd-) Frank Assessment of Proxy Access. Journal of Finance 71(4), 1623-1668.
David A. Becher, Jonathan Cohn, and Jennifer L. Juergens. 2015. Do Stock Analysts Influence Merger Completion? An Examination of Postmerger Announcement Recommendations. Management Science 61(10), 2430-2448.
Jonathan Cohn, Lillian F Mills, and Erin M. Towery. 2014. The Evolution of Capital Structure and Operating Performance After Leveraged Buyouts: Evidence from U.S. Corporate Tax Returns. Journal of Financial Economics 111(2), 469-494.
Jonathan Cohn and Uday Rajan. 2013. Optimal Corporate Governance in the Presence of an Activist Investor. Review of Financial Studies 26(4), 985-1020.
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