University of Texas at Austin
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Avinash Collis

Assistant Professor

Department: Information, Risk, and Operations Mgmt.

Seth G. Benzell, Avinash Collis, and Christos Nicolaides. The Efficiency of U.S. Public Space Utilization During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Risk Analysis: An International Journal, forthcoming.
David Holtz, Michael Zhao, Seth G. Benzell, Cathy Y. Cao, Mohammad Amin Rahimian, Jeremy Yang, Jennifer Allen, Avinash Collis, and others. 2020. Interdependence and the Cost of Uncoordinated Responses to COVID-19. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(33), 19837-19843.
Avinash Collis, Seth G. Benzell, and Christos Nicolaides. 2020. Rationing Social Contact During COVID-19 Pandemic: Transmission Risk and Social Benefits of US Locations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(26), 14642-14644.
Erik Brynjolfsson and Avinash Collis. 2019. How Should We Measure the Digital Economy? Harvard Business Review 97(6), 140-148.
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