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Lisa De Simone

Associate Professor

Department: Accounting

Biography I am an Associate Professor of Accounting at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. My research examining how multinational corporations and individuals respond to tax incentives worldwide has been published in top accounting and finance journals including the Journal of Accounting Research, the Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting and Economics, the Review of Accounting Studies, Contemporary Accounting Research, and the Review of Financial Studies. I teach and have taught tax and personal finance courses to students in BBA, MPA, MBA, and PhD programs. I previously spent seven years on faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, winning the Amplifier Award for creating an inclusive classroom environment in 2018, and becoming a finalist for the MBA Distinguished Teaching Award in 2019 and 2020. I have a doctorate in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin (2013), a masters in Accounting from the University of Missouri - Kansas City (2008), and bachelors in Economics and German Studies from Stanford (2002). Previous work experience includes transfer pricing for Ernst & Young in Kansas City, Missouri and economic consulting for the Analysis Group in their San Francisco and Menlo Park, California offices.
Lisa De Simone, Jing Huang, and Linda K. Krull. R&D and the Rising Foreign Profitability of U.S. Multinational Corporations. The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
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Lisa De Simone. 2016. Does a Common Set of Accounting Standards Affect Tax-motivated Income Shifting for Multinational Firms? Journal of Accounting and Economics 61(1), 145-165.
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Lillian F Mills and Lisa De Simone. 2010. Book Review of Developing a World Tax Organization: The Way Forward. Journal of the American Taxation Association 32(1), 84-86.
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