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Robert Green

Robert Green
CBA 7.202 (512) 471-5155
CBA 3.412A
Additional Titles:
Shelby H. Carter, Jr., and Patricia Carter Professor of Global Business Marketing

Professor Emeritus



GREEN, ROBERT T. Shelby H. Carter and Patricia C. Carter Professor of Global Business Marketing. Senior Fellow, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). Dr. Green received his Ph.D. from Penn State in 1971, and has been on the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin since that time. In 1994, Dr. Green’s scholarly contributions to the discipline of international business were recognized in his election as a Fellow in the Academy of International Business. During his tenure at U.T., Dr. Green has had teaching assignments in France, Venezuela, Finland, Thailand, and Mexico, and he has lectured throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia. His current research focuses on the impact of economic shock on consumption behavior, and on the manner in which firms strategically adapt to economic crises. He is also known for his previous research in the area of cross-national consumer behavior and is widely published in all major marketing and international business publications. He has served 20 years on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Marketing (1972-91), and 15 years on the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Business Studies. He currently is on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of International Marketing, Latin American Business Review, Asian Marketing Review, International Business Review, and Zeitschrift fur Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB). During his tenure as International Programs Director and as CIBER Director, Dr. Green was instrumental in the development of a network of linkages around the world between Texas and other schools of business. Most of these linkages involve MBA and BBA student exchanges, but many have developed well beyond that point to include joint classes, joint degrees, and jointly-run executive programs. These programs promote the interaction of Texas faculty and students with their counterparts at the world’s best business schools, preparing them to participate in the evolving global economy. CIBER has also developed a number of innovative internationally-oriented programs for the Texas business school and for the international business community. The Center has developed programs for students, faculty and executives, from the United States and abroad, on issues pertinent to international management issues. Selected Publications: "Strategic Partnerships for Global Education," Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 4, No. 3, 1996 (with L. V. Gerber); reprinted in Selections (journal of GMAC). "Economic Liberalization and Inter-regional Trade: Mexico as a Market for German and French Exports," ZfB (Zeitschrift fur Betriebswirtschaft), No. 4, 1995, pp. 85-98. "Export Markets in a Crumbling Economy: The USSR in 1990," Journal of International Marketing, Fall, 1993 (with T. Larsen). "Global Consumer Segmentation versus Local Market Orientation: Empirical Findings," Management International Review, No. 3, 1992 (with B. Verhage and U. Yavas). "Export Market Identification: The Role of Economic Size and Socioeconomic Development," Management International Review, No. 1, 1991 (with Ajay Kohli). "Cross-cultural Examination of the Fishbein Behavioral Intentions Model," Journal of International Business Studies, 1991 (with Chol Lee). "Perceived Risk: A Cross-Cultural Phenomenon?" International Journal of Research in Marketing, 7, 1990 (with B. Verhage and U. Yavas). "Functional Equivalence in Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior: Gift Giving in Japan and the United States" Psychology and Marketing, Summer 1988 (with Dana Alden). "Only Retaliation Will Open Up Japan," Harvard Business Review, November/December 1987 (with Trina Larsen).


Robert T. Green and R. Brimble. 1998. Business/Education Alliances for Legislative Action: The Texas International Trade Initiative. Selections.
Robert T. Green and Linda V. Gerber. 1997. Toward Global Education: Strategic Partnerships with Overseas Institutions. Selections, 32-39.
Robert T. Green and Linda V. Gerber. 1996. Educator Insights: Strategic Partnerships for Global Education--Linkages with Overseas Institutions. Journal of International Marketing 4, 89-100.
Robert T. Green. 1995. Economic Liberalization and Inter-regional Trade: Mexico as a Market for German and French Exports. ZfB (Zeitschrift fur Betriebswirtschaft).
William H. Cunningham, Isabella C.M. Cunningham, and Robert T. Green. 1977. Ipsative Process to Educe Response Set Bias. Public Opinion Quarterly 41, 379-388.
Robert T. Green and William H. Cunningham. 1975. Determinants of US Foreign Investment-An Experimental Examination. Management International Review 15, 113-120.

Professional Awards

Fulbright Fellow2000
U.S. Department of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education1996
Mellon Research Grant1986
U.S. Department of Education Grant
Center for International Business Education, 1990 - 2002