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Faculty/Staff Directory


H. W. Chen, Diwakar Gupta, H. Gurnani, and G. Janakiraman. 2016. A Stochastic Inventory Model With Fast-Ship Commitments. Production and Operations Management 25(4), 684-700.
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Professional Awards

Best Paper Award Finalist, College of Healthcare Operations and Management Paper Competition2015
Best Paper in the IIE Transactions Focused Issue on Scheduling and Logistics2015
M&SOM Best Paper Award Finalist2009
IIE Outstanding Publication Award and IIE Transactions – Scheduling and Logistics best paper award2005
IIE Transactions – Design and Manufacturing best paper award1999
IIE Transactions – Scheduling and Logistics best paper award1998

Teaching Awards

Basu Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching in the MBA Programs, McMaster Univeristy1995