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Dr. Mendoza received his doctorate in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University. He also holds a Master’s degree in mathematical finance from the University of Toronto and in industrial engineering and management sciences from Northwestern University. Previously, he was a financial engineer at Algorithmics Inc. and a quantitative researcher at Citadel Group. Dr. Mendoza’s industry experience includes the areas of market and credit risk, asset management and distributed computing. His research interests are on the application of analytical and computational methods for derivative security pricing based on spectral expansions and integral transforms. He has developed a credit-equity modeling framework based on time-changes of state dependent Markov processes with state dependent default hazard rates. He is currently working on the application of multidimensional time-changes to the modeling of default clusters and credit risk management.


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Professional Awards

Nominanted for Secretary, SIAM Activity Group in Financial Mathematics & Engineering2015
McCombs Research Excellence Fund, McCombs School of Business2013
Nemhauser Doctoral Dissertation Prize, IEMS Northwestern University2009
Terminal Year Fellowship, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University2008
Fellowship Minority MEAS Tuition Grant, IEMS Northwestern University2004
Fellowship MMF Algorithmics Inc., University of Toronto2001

Teaching Awards

Society of Teaching Excellence of the School of Undergraduate Studies & the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, UT Austin2011