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Faculty/Staff Directory


Raghunath S Rao, Julie R. Irwin, and Liu, Zhuping. Flying with a Net and Without: Preventative Devices and Self-Control. International Journal of Research in Marketing, forthcoming.
Jianqiang Zhang, Zhuping Liu, and Raghunath S Rao. 2018. Flirting with the Enemy: Online Competitor Referral and Entry-Deterrence. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 16(2), 209-249.
Richard Schaefer, Raghunath S Rao, and Vijay Mahajan. 2018. Marketing Self-Improvement Programs for Self-Signaling Consumers. Marketing Science 37(6), 912-929.
William M. Hedgcock, Raghunath S Rao, and Haipeng (Allan) Chen. 2016. Choosing to Choose: The Effects of Decoys and Prior Choice on Deferral. Management Science 62(10), 2952-2976.
Sunil Kishore, Raghunath S Rao, Om Narasimhan, and George John. 2013. Bonuses vs. Commissions: A Field Study. Journal of Marketing Research 50(3), 317-333.
Raghunath S Rao and Richard Schaefer. 2013. Conspicuous Consumption and Dynamic Pricing. Marketing Science 32(5), 786-804.
Jungkeun Kim, Raghunath S Rao, Kyeongheui Kim, and Akshay Rao. 2011. More or Less: A Model and Empirical Evidence on Preferences for Under and Over Payment in Trade-in Transactions. Journal of Marketing Research 48(1), 157-171.
Ritesh Saini, Raghunath S Rao, and Ashwani Monga. 2010. Is that Deal Worth My Time? The Interactive Effect of Relative and Referent Thinking on Willingness to Seek a Bargain. Journal of Marketing 74(1).
Raghunath S Rao, Om Narasimhan, and George John. 2009. Understanding the Role of Trade-ins in Durable Goods Markets: Theory and Evidence. Marketing Science 28(5).
Raghunath S Rao, Rajesh K. Chandy, and Jaideep C. Prabhu. 2008. The Fruits of Legitimacy: Why Some New Ventures Gain More from Innovation Than Others. Journal of Marketing 72, 58-75.

Professional Awards

Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Young Scholar2011
McCombs Research Excellence Grant2008
Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, University of Minnesota2006
Fellow, AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium2005
Henrickson Fellowship, University of Minnesota2005