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Jeri Seidman

Jeri Seidman
CBA 4M.256 (512-471-2163)
Additional Titles:
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor



Jeri Seidman received her Ph.D from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008. Her research interest include corporate tax, financial reporting of income taxes and multi-jurisdictional transfer pricing. Prior to returning to grad school, Jeri received her B.S. and M.Acc. (tax concentration) from Case Western Reserve University and worked in the tax practice of Deloitte & Touche for five years.


Lisa DeSimone, Richard C. Sansing, and Jeri Seidman. 2013. When are Enhanced Relationship Tax Compliance Programs Mutually Beneficial? The Accounting Review 88(6), 1971-1991.
Jana Raedy, Jeri Seidman, and Douglas Shackelford. 2011. Corporate Tax Reform, Deferred Taxes and the Immediate Effect on Book Profits. Tax Notes 133(12), 1515-1525.
James Poterba, Nirupama Rao, and Jeri Seidman. 2011. Deferred Tax Positions and Incentives for Corporate Behavior around Corporate Tax Changes. National Tax Journal 64(1), 27-58.

Professional Awards

Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors2012
Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellow2007
Sloan School of Management Graduate Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology2003
Alpha Phi Foundation Graduate Scholarship2005
Presidential Graduate Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology2003

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