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Sridhar Seshadri

Sridhar Seshadri
Additional Titles:
Professor, CBA Foundation Fellowship in Business


Ananth Iyer and Sridhar Seshadri. Transforming an Indian Manufacturing Company: The Rane Brake Linings Case, in Supply Chains in Emerging Economies, Hau Lee and Chung Yee Lee, eds. forthcoming.
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Professional Awards

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Best Paper Award2008
National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research on Risk Management in Supply Chains Using Market Information2008
National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research Study: Understanding Indian Enterprise Systems2006
National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research: Resource and Demand Allocation in Dynamic Environments2002
Elected Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India)2000

Teaching Awards

Stern School of Business Teaching Excellence Award1998
Stern School of Business Undergraduate Teacher of the Year Award1997