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Bill Shaw

Bill Shaw
CBA 6.322 (512-471-3322)
CBA 5.202

Professor Emeritus

Information, Risk, and Operations Mgmt.


Shaw, Bill M. Woodson Centennial Professor in Business Administration, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management. Bill Shaw received his B.S. and M.B.A from Louisiana Tech University and his J.D. from The University of Texas at Austin. His research and teaching interests include law, corporate governance, and business ethics.


Laura P. Hartman, Bill M. Shaw, and Rodney Stevenson. 2003. Exploring the Ethics and Economics of Global Labor Standards: A Challenge to Integrated Social Contract Theory. Business Ethics Quarterly 13, 193-220.
Bill M. Shaw. 2001. Economics and the Environment: A 'Land Ethic' Critique of Economic Policy. Journal of Business Ethics 33, 51-57.
Laura P. Hartman, Bill M. Shaw, and Rodney Stevenson. 2000. Human Resources Opportunities to Balance Ethics and Neoclassical Economics in Global Labor Standards. Business and Professional Ethics Journal 19, 73-116.
Bill M. Shaw. 2000. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Progeny: Morally Unassailable. Cornell International Law Journal 33, 689.
Bill M. Shaw and William Martin. 1999. Aristotle and Posner on Corrective Justice: The Tortoise and the Hare. Business Ethics Quarterly 9, 651-657.
Bill M. Shaw. 1999. Ethics and the Environment. Journal of Business Ethics 18.
Bill M. Shaw. 1999. Hollywood Ethics: Business Ethics in the Popular Culture. Journal of Business Ethics 18.
Bill M. Shaw. 1999. Rainbow and Reflections: Conflicting Economic and Ethical Perspectives. American Business Law Journal.
Bill M. Shaw. 1999. Third World Sweatshops: Ethics and Economics. Business and Professional Ethics Journal.
Bill M. Shaw. 1998. Community: A Work in Progress. Business Ethics Quarterly 8, 671-678.
Laura Pincus and Bill M. Shaw. 1998. Comparable Worth: An Economic and Ethical Analysis. Journal of Business Ethics 17, 455-470.
Janet McCracken, William Martin, and Bill M. Shaw. 1998. Virtue Ethics and the Parable of the Sadhu. Journal of Business Ethics 17, 25-38.
Bill M. Shaw. 1997. Sources of Virtue: The Market and the Community. Business Ethics Quarterly 7, 33-50.
Bill M. Shaw. 1996. A Pragmatic Approach to Business Ethics. Business Ethics Quarterly.
Bill M. Shaw and John Corvino. 1996. Hosmer and the 'Why be Moral?' Question. Business Ethics Quarterly 6, 373-383.
Bill M. Shaw. 1996. Will Cooperation and Employment at Will? American Business Law Journal 34, 261-276.
Bill M. Shaw. 1995. Aldo Leopold and the Land Ethic: A Virtue Ethics Perspective. Environmental Ethics.
Bill M. Shaw and Edward J. Gac. 1995. Fairness Opinions in Leveraged Buy Outs: Should Investment Bankers be Directly Liable to Shareholders? Securities Regulation Law Journal 23, 293-319.
Janet McCracken and Bill M. Shaw. 1995. Virtue Ethics and Contractarianism: Towards a Reconciliation. Business Ethics Quarterly 5, 297-312.
Bill M. Shaw. 1995. Virtues for a Postermodern World. Business Ethics Quarterly 5, 844-864.
Romana L. Paetzold and Bill M. Shaw. 1994. A Postmodern /Feminist View of 'Reasonableness' in Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment. Journal of Business Ethics 13, 681-691.
Bill M. Shaw and Frederick R. Pst. 1993. A Moral Basiss for Corporate Philanthropy. Journal of Business Ethics 12, 745-751.
Bill M. Shaw and Frances E. Zollers. 1993. Managers in the Moral Dimensions: What Etzioni Might Mean to Corporate Managers. Business Ethics Quarterly 3, 153-168.
Bill M. Shaw and John R. Rowlett. 1993. Reforming the US Banking System: Lessons from Abroad. North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation 19, 91-121.
William Martin and Bill M. Shaw. 1993. White, Gilligan and the Voices of Business Ethics. Business Ethics Quarterly 3, 437-443.
Bill M. Shaw. 1990. Employee Appraisals, Discrimination Cases and Objective Evidence. Business Horizons 33, 61-65.
Bill M. Shaw. 1990. Fifth Amendment Failures and RICO Forfeitures. American Business Law Journal 28, 169-200.
Bill M. Shaw. 1990. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Amendments of 1988. Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade 14, 161-174.
Bill M. Shaw. 1990. Resolving the Conflict of Interest in Management Buyouts. Hofstra Law Review 19, 142-170.
Bill M. Shaw. 1990. Shareholder Authorized Inside Trading: A Legal and Moral Analysis. Journal of Business Ethics 9, 913-928.
Bill M. Shaw, Gary A. Moore, and Michael K. Braswell. 1990. Wards Cove Packing Company, Inc. V. Atonio. Labor Law Journal 41, 183-188.
Michael Braswell, Gary A. Moore, and Bill M. Shaw. 1989. Disparate Impact Theory in the Aftermath of Wards Cove Packing Co. V. Atonio: Burdens of Proof, Statistical Evidence and Affirmative Action. Albany Law Review 54, 1-34.
Bill M. Shaw. 1989. Statutory Limits on Director Liability. Business Horizons 32, 43-50.
Bill M. Shaw. 1989. Watson v. Ft. Worth Bank and Trust: New Evidential Standards for Disparate Impact Analysis. Labor Law Journal 40, 347-354.
Bill M. Shaw. 1988. Affirmative Action: An Ethical Evaluation. Journal of Business Ethics 7, 763-770.
Bill M. Shaw. 1988. Critique of Milton Freedman's Essay 'The Social Responsibility Of..'. Journal of Business Ethics 7, 537-543.
Bill M. Shaw. 1988. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Legal and Moral Analysis. Journal of Business Ethics 7, 789-795.
Bill M. Shaw, Moshe Hagigi, and W. Clifford Atherton, Jr.. 1988. Investment Prudence and Fiduciary Responsibility in Managing Defined Pension Funds Under ERISA. Suffolk University Law Review 22, 83-101.
Bill M. Shaw. 1988. Should Insider Trading be Outsside the Law? Business and Society Review, 34-37.
Moshe Hagigi, W. Clifford Atherton, Jr., and Bill M. Shaw. 1988. Targeting the Objective: Inadequate Interpretations of the Employee Retirement Act. Trust and Estates 127, 41-47.
Bill M. Shaw. 1987. Comparable Worth and its Prospects: AFSCME V. State of Washington. Labor Law Journal 38, 100-118.
Bill M. Shaw, Brenda Winslett, and Frank B. Cross. 1987. The Global Environment: A Proposal to Eliminate Marine Oil Pollution. Natural Resources Journal 27, 157-185.
Bill M. Shaw, Pat Cihon, and Malcolm Myers. 1985. The Discovery Rule: Fairness in Toxic Tort Statues of Limitations. Cleveland State Law Review 33, 491-504.
Bill M. Shaw, Sandra Hurd, and Paula C. Murray. 1984. Comparable Worth: A Legal and Ethical Analysis: Using Traditional Tort Principles to Encourage Honesty in Sexual Relationships. Journal of Contemporary Law 11, 67-103.
Sandra Hurd, Paula C. Murray, and Bill M. Shaw. 1984. Compare Worth: A Legal and Ethical Analysis. American Business Law Journal 22, 407-427.
Mark B. Baker, Bill M. Shaw, and Sandra Hurd. 1984. Corporate Political Speech and the First Amendment. Oklahoma City University Law Review 9, 271-291.
Mark B. Baker and Bill M. Shaw. 1983. Amendment of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 15, 627-652.
Bill M. Shaw and Art Wolfe. 1982. A Legal and Ethical Critique of Using Cost-Benefit Analysis in Public Law. Houston Law Review 19, 899-927.
Bill M. Shaw. 1982. Corporate Speech in the Marketplace of Ideas. Journal of Corporation Law 7, 265-283.
Bill M. Shaw. 1982. The Role of Social Audit Committees in Implementing Corporate Social Policy. Midwest Law Review 28.
Bill M. Shaw and Jim H. Robichaux. 1980. Council on Environmental Quality: Defining Human Environment. California Western Law Review 16, 201-213.
Bill M. Shaw. 1980. The Public Use of Private Interest. American Business Law Journal 18, 134-136.
Bill M. Shaw. 1978. Federal Compliance With State Permit Requirements Under the Clean Air Act and the Federal Water Pollution control Act Amendments. San Fernando Valley Law Review 117.
Bill M. Shaw. 1977. Quality of Life: A Proposal for Texas. South Texas Law Journal.
Bill M. Shaw. 1977. Technology Assessment and the Law. American Legal Studies Forum.
Bill M. Shaw. 1976. Due Process Constraints on Class Actions: Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23. American Business Law Journal 14, 111-115.
Bill M. Shaw. 1976. Magnuson-Moss Warranty, F.T.C. Improvement Act. South Texas Law Journal 17.
Bill M. Shaw. 1975. Consumer Protection. American Business Law Journal 13.
Bill M. Shaw. 1975. Environmental Impact Analysis. Urban Law Review.
Bill M. Shaw. 1975. U.C.C. 2-207: Two Alternative Proposal for Change. American Business Law Journal 13, 185-198.
Bill M. Shaw. 1974. Survey of Recent Consumer Legislation. Texas Bar Journal 37.
Bill M. Shaw. 1974. Vlandis V. Klein: Resurgence of Substantive Due Process. American Business Law Journal 12.
Bill M. Shaw. 1973. Adjudication of Social Issues. American Business Law Journal 10, 307-308.
Bill M. Shaw. 1973. Sign of the Times-Wiretapping: Employer's Liability for Acts of Employee. American Business Law Journal 11, 197-198.

Teaching Awards

Faculty Award of Excellence1997