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Garrett Sonnier

Director of Academic Research Relationships

Department: Marketing

Additional Titles: Assistant Professor

Contact Information

CBA 7.256

Garrett P Sonnier and Oliver Rutz. 2019. VANISH Regularization for Generalized Linear Models. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 17(4), 415-437.
Oliver J. Rutz, Garrett P Sonnier, and Michael Trusov. 2017. A New Method to Aid Copy Testing of Paid Search Text Advertisements. Journal of Marketing Research 54(6), 885-900.
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Oliver J. Rutz, Rudolph E. Bucklin, and Garrett P Sonnier. 2012. A Latent Instrumental Variables Approach to Modeling Keyword Conversion in Paid Search Advertising. Journal of Marketing Research 49(3), 306-319.
Leigh M. McAlister, Garrett P Sonnier, and Tom S. Shively. 2012. The Relationship Between Online Communications and Firm Value. Marketing Letters 23(1), 1-12.
Garrett P Sonnier, Leigh M. McAlister, and Oliver Rutz. 2011. A Dynamic Model of the Effect of Online Communications on Firm Sales. Marketing Science 30(4), 702-716.
Garrett P Sonnier and Andrew Ainslie. 2011. Estimating the Value of Brand Image Associations: The Role of General and Specific Brand Image. Journal of Marketing Research 48(3), 518-531.
Oliver Rutz and Garrett P Sonnier. 2011. The Evolution of Internal Market Structure. Marketing Science 30(2), 274 - 289.
Garrett P Sonnier, Ainslie, Andrew, and Otter, Thomas. 2007. Heterogeneity Distributions of Willingness-to-Pay in Choice Models. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 5, 313-331.
Train, K. and Garrett P Sonnier. 2005. Mixed Logit with Bounded Distribution of Correlated Partworths, in Applications of Simulation Methods in Environmental and Resource Economics, Scarpa, R. and Alberini, A, eds. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer Publisher, 117-134.
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