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Brian White

Associate Professor

Department: Accounting

Additional Titles: Assistant Professor

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CBA 4M.232

Biography Brian White is an Associate Professor in the Department of Accounting. He holds degrees from Georgetown University, the University of Edinburgh, Manchester Business School, and the University of Illinois where he completed his PhD. Prior to pursuing an academic career, he spent ten years as finance director for a privately-held retailer based in Liverpool, England.

Brian teaches Financial Accounting in the Texas MBA program. His research focuses on investors’ and managers' judgment and decision-making, and has been published in leading accounting journals, including The Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies and Contemporary Accounting Research.
Brian White, Brooke Eliott, and Kristi Rennekamp. Can Concrete Language Help to Mitigate the Home Bias in Equity Investing? Journal of Financial Reporting , forthcoming.
Partha Mohanram, Brian White, and Wuyang Zhao. 2020. Stock-based Compensation, Financial Analysts and Equity Overvaluation. Review of Accounting Studies 25(3), 1040-1077.
Eddy Cardinaels, Stephan Hollander, and Brian White. 2019. Automatic Summaries of Earnings Releases: Attributed and Effects on Investors’ Judgments. Review of Accounting Studies 24(3), 860-890.
Lisa Koonce, Zheng Leitter, and Brian White. 2019. Linked Balance Sheet Presentation. Journal of Accounting and Economics 68(1), 1-16.
Anne Farrell, Joshua Goh, and Brian White. 2018. Financial Incentives Differentially Regulate Neural Processing of Positive and Negative Emotional Biases During Decision-Making. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12, 58.
W. Brooke Elliott, Kristina Marie Rennekamp, and Brian White. 2018. The Paradoxical Behavioral Effects of a Directional Goal on Investors' Risk Perceptions and Valuation Judgments. Journal of Behavioral Finance 19(3), 271-290.
Greg Capps, Lisa Koonce, and Brian White. 2017. Example-Based Reasoning and Fact-Weighting Guidance in Accounting Standards. Contemporary Accounting Research 34(1), 582-600.
Anne Farrell, Joshua Oon Soo Goh, Ryan Kahle, Margaret Shackell, and Brian White. 2017. When Managers Make Emotional Business Decisions. Strategic Finance Sept. 1, 46-53.
Shana Clor-Proell, Lisa Koonce, and Brian White. 2016. How Do Experienced Users Evaluate Hybrid Financial Instruments? Journal of Accounting Research 54(5), 1267-1296.
W. Elliott, Kristina Rennekamp, and Brian White. 2015. Does Concrete Language in Disclosures Increase Willingness to Invest? Review of Accounting Studies 20(2), 839-865.
W. Brooke Elliott, Jessen L. Hobson, and Brian White. 2015. Earnings Metrics, Information Processing, and Price Efficiency in Laboratory Markets. Journal of Accounting Research 53(3), 555-592.
Anne M. Farrell, Joshua O. Goh, and Brian White. 2014. The Effect of Performance-Based Incentive Contracts on System 1 and System 2 Processing in Affective Decision Contexts: fMRI and Behavioral Evidence. The Accounting Review 89(6), 1979-2010.
W. Brooke Elliott, Kevin E. Jackson, Mark E. Peecher, and Brian White. 2014. The Unintended Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance on Investors' Estimates of Fundamental Value. The Accounting Review 89(1), 275-302.
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Academic Leadership and Awards
Professional Awards
FARS Midyear Meeting Best Paper Award, American Accounting Association2018
CBA Foundation Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors2016
Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, ABO Section, AAA2013
Outstanding Manuscript Award, AAA ABO Section2012
Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellow2011
Victor Bernard Memorial Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2011
AAA/Deloitte Foundation/J. Michael Cook Doctoral Consortium Fellow2011
Richard D. and Anne Marie Irwin Fellowship, College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2010
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Teaching Awards
MBA Applause Award, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin2012
College of Business Alumni Association Excellence-in-Teaching Award2010
Fred H. Figge Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award in Accountancy2009
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