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Jennifer Whitson

Jennifer Whitson
CBA 4.254 (512-471-6646)
Additional Titles:
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor



Jennifer Whitson, Klaus Weber, Paul Hirsch, and Y. Sekou Bermiss. 2013. Chemicals, Companies, and Countries: The Concept of Diffusion in Management Research. Research in Organizational Behavior 33, 135-150.
Jennifer Whitson, Katie A. Liljenquist, Adam D. Galinsky, Joe C. Magee, Deborah H. Gruenfeld, and Brian Cadena. 2013. The Blind Leading: Power Reduces Awareness of Constraints. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 49(3), 579-582.
Adam D. Galinsky, Cynthia S. Wang, Jennifer Whitson, Eric M. Anicich, Kurt Hugenberg, and Galen V. Bodenhausens. 2013. The Reappropriation of Stigmatizing Labels: The Reciprocal Relationship Between Power and Self-Labeling. Psychological Science 24(10), 2020-2029.
Cynthia S. Wang, Jennifer Whitson, and Tanya Menon. 2012. Culture, Control, and Illusory Pattern Perception. Social, Psychological and Personality Science 3(5), 630-638.
Adam D. Galinsky, Jennifer Whitson, Li Huang, and Derek D. Rucker. 2012. Not So Fluid and Not So Meaningful: Toward an Appreciation of Content-Specific Compensation. Psychological Inquiry 23(4), 339-345.
Denise L. Loyd, Kathy W. Phillips, Jennifer Whitson, and Melissa C. Thomas-Hunt. 2010. Expertise in Your Midst: How Congruence Between Status and Speech Style Affects Reactions to Unique Knowledge. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 13(3), 379-395.
Aaron Kay, Jennifer Whitson, Danielle Gaucher, and Adam D. Galinsky. 2009. Compensatory Control: In the Mind, in our Institutions, and in the Heavens. Current Directions in Psychological Science 18(5), 264-268.
Jennifer Whitson and A. Galinsky. 2008. Lacking Control Increases Illusory Pattern Perception. Science 322(5898), 115-117.
Adam D. Galinsky, Joe C. Magee, Deborah H. Gruenfeld, Jennifer Whitson, and Katie A. Liljenquist. 2008. Power Reduces the Press of the Situation: Implications for Creativity, Conformity, and Dissonance. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology 95(6), 1450-1466.

Professional Awards

Best Student Paper, MOC Division, Academy of Management Conference2006

Teaching Awards

Doctoral Student Teaching Award2005

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