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Michael Williamson

Michael Williamson
CBA 4M.228 (512-471-5529)
Additional Titles:
Associate Professor

Associate Professor



Steven J. Kachelmeier, T. A. Thornock, and Michael G Williamson. 2014. Be Careful What You Wish For: The Effects of Communicated Values on Performance-Based Incentives. Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.
J. Hales, L. W. Wang, and Michael G Williamson. 2014. Selection Benefits of Stock-Based Compensation for Rank. The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
Steven J. Kachelmeier, Tracie Majors, and Michael G Williamson. 2014. Does Intent Modify Risk-Based Auditing? The Accounting Review 89(6), 2181-2201.
Alan Webb, Michael G Williamson, and Yue May Zhang. 2013. Productivity-Target Difficulty, Target-Based Pay and Outside-the-Box Thinking. The Accounting Review 88(4), 1433-1457.
Shane S. Dikolli, John H. Evans III, Jeffrey Hales, Michal Matejka, Donald V. Moser, and Michael G Williamson. 2013. Testing Analytical Models Using Archival or Experimental Methods. Accounting Horizons 27(1), 129-139.
Clara X. Chen, Michael G Williamson, and Flora H. Zhou. 2012. Reward System Design and Group Creativity: An Experimental Investigation. The Accounting Review 87(6), 1885-1911.
Ramji Balakrishnan, Geoffrey B. Sprinkle, and Michael G Williamson. 2011. Contracting Benefits of Corporate Giving: An Experimental Investigation. The Accounting Review 86(6), 1887-1907.
Steven J. Kachelmeier and Michael G Williamson. 2010. Attracting Creativity: The Initial and Aggregate Effects of Contract Section on Creativity-Weighted Productivity. The Accounting Review 85(5), 1669-1691.
Lisa Koonce, Michael G Williamson, and Jennifer Winchel. 2010. Consensus Information and Nonprofessional Investors' Reaction to the Revelation of Estimate Inaccuracies. The Accounting Review 85(3), 979-1000.
Jeffrey Hales and Michael G Williamson. 2010. Implicit Employment Contracts: The Limit of Management Reputation for Promoting Firm Productivity. Journal of Accounting Research 48(1), 147-176.
Steven J. Kachelmeier, Bernhard E Reichert, and Michael G Williamson. 2008. Measuring and Motivating Quantity, Creativity or Both. Journal of Accounting Research 46(2), 341-373.
Michael G Williamson. 2008. The Effects of Expanding Employee Decision Making On Contributions to Firm Value in an Informal Reward Environment. Contemporary Accounting Research 25, 1183-1209.
Geoffrey B. Sprinkle, Michael G Williamson, and David R. Upton. 2008. The Effort and Risk-Taking Effects of Budget-Based Contracts. Accounting, Organizations and Society 33, 436-452.
Geoffrey B. Sprinkle and Michael G Williamson. 2006. Experimental Research in Managerial Accounting, in Handbook of Management Accounting Research, Chris Chapman, Anthony Hopwood and Mike Shields, eds. Oxford, Elsevier.
Sprinkle, Geoffrey B. and Michael G Williamson. 2004. The Evolution from Taylorism to Employee Gainsharing: A Case Study Examining John Deereā€™s Continuous Improvement Pay Plan. Issues in Accounting Education, 487-503.

Professional Awards

Best Early Career Researcher in Management Accounting Award (sponsored by AICPA, CIMA & CMA)2010
Outstanding Management Accounting Paper Award AAA Annual Meeting2010

Teaching Awards

Faculty Honor Roll for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 2012
Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award2010
Outstanding Educator Award Texas Executive MBA at Mexico City2009
Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors2009
Honor Business Association Professor Award2007

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