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Yong Yu

Yong Yu
CBA 4M.254 (512-471-6714)
Additional Titles:
Assistant Professor

Associate Professor



Orie E. Barron, Donal Byard, and Yong Yu. 2017. Earnings Announcement Disclosures and Changes in Analysts' Information. Contemporary Accounting Research 34(1), 343-373.
Ying Huang, Ross Jennings, and Yong Yu. 2017. Product Market Competition and Managerial Disclosure of Earnings Forecasts: Evidence from Import Tariff Rate Reductions. The Accounting Review 92(3), 185-207.
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Yong Yu, Donal Byard, and Ying Li. 2011. The Effect of Mandatory IFRS Adoption on Financial Analysts' Information Environment. Journal of Accounting Research 49(1), 69-96.
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