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“This place is like a spa for the mind. Upscale surroundings and activities and dialogue to challenge and recharge the brain!”

-Marc Cohn
IT Technical Manager, USAA

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A Different Approach to Customized Solutions

Achieve your organization’s unique goals and objectives through a completely customized education program. Texas Executive Education’s collaborative partnerships provide organizations with contemporary curriculums tailored to their specific environments and challenges. Gain the critical knowledge and expertise to impart lasting change and power your organization into the future.

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Negotiation and Collaborative Decision Making

Achieve winning outcomes

Establish an effective mindset towards negotiation. Enhance and expand communication tactics in competitive environments. Create value while capturing resources. Resolve destructive, emotionally charged disputes. Drive success in future interactions.

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Strategic Decision and Risk Management

Lead with confidence.

Develop the framework to make strategically sound decisions that will garner winning outcomes. Generate better alternatives that increase your chances of success while mitigating risk.

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Leading and Motivating Dispersed Teams

Lead virtual teams

Master communication among team members across the country and across the globe. Navigate the organizational challenges and obstacles of working remotely. Learn to leverage distance leadership to better utilize global talent. Create and motivate successful teams that don’t have the benefit of sharing a physical space.

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Upcoming Classes

Classes based on real-word scenarios

Collaborating Globally

IIM Indore, a top five business school located in Madhya Pradesh, sent their best and brightest for a five-week Custom Program focused on analytics for business excellence.

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Strategic Decision and Risk Management

Successful decision-making processes are not intuitive. In order to make great, or even good, decisions under pressure, you need a structured framework.

The Right Decision for Success

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