Why Texas Executive Education

Experience the best in executive education with our world-renowned faculty and customizable programs. The University of Texas at Austin offers executives a wealth of resources and experiences in the Texas capital of innovation, economics, and culture. Discover the reason why 85% of companies return to Texas Executive Education every year.

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A Different Approach to Customized Solutions

Achieve your organization’s unique goals and objectives through a completely customized education program. Texas Executive Education’s collaborative partnerships provide organizations with contemporary curriculums tailored to their specific environments and challenges. Gain the critical knowledge and expertise to impart lasting change and power your organization into the future.

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The Art and Science of Effective Negotiation

Simple Solutions for Complex Negotiations

Explore a range of powerful negotiation strategies in our “do-learn” class. This conceptual model allows participants to analyze the pros and cons of various negotiation practices through industry case studies. Master the art of observation, listening, and questioning to become a more agile and productive negotiator.

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Leading for Impact

Lead Your Company into the Future

Your leadership style affects your team’s behavior. Explore the top leadership strategies in your industry through collaborative case studies with our renowned faculty. Learn about your leadership style through several personal assessments. Discuss the research behind successful leadership practices and hone your techniques out of the classroom in our Leadership Reaction Course.

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Innovation and Commercialization

Increase Revenue Through New Products and Services

In the 21st century, companies large and small must constantly develop and deliver new products and services to drive top line revenue and remain financially viable. In this class, you will analyze the four major stages of new product and service development: Market Validation, Business Model, Financial Model and Business Plan.

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Your company is growing. But can it be better poised to succeed?

Rapid growth, whether organic or through acquisition, creates unique challenges for a company. The road to success is not always as straight as originally conceived.

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Strategic Decision and Risk Management

Successful decision-making processes are not intuitive. In order to make great, or even good, decisions under pressure, you need a structured framework.

The Right Decision for Success

Interactive Competency Map

Wondering what class is right for you or your organization? Click one of the competencies on the right to view our interactive Competency Map and find the perfect solution to match your professional development needs. Strengthen your business acumen, build more effective teams, and gain functional area expertise with Texas Executive Education.

Effective Communication Strategic Thinking Financial Acumen Innovative Thinking Prioritizing and Decision Making Building and Leading Successful Teams Marketing Acumen