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Eleanor Jordan

Eleanor Jordan

Ph.D., Statistics, University of Texas, Austin - 1978
M.S., Education Evaluation, University of Texas, Austin - 1976
B.A., Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin - 1967 

Emeritus Professor in the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Dr. Jordan was area chair for Management Information Systems (MIS) from the inception of the MIS program in 1980 until her retirement in 2002. At the request of faculty and students, in 2006 Dr. Jordan came out of retirement to team-teach her signature MIS project management class with Dr. Sharon Dunn. Her research and teaching interests include improving productivity of applications systems development and breaking perceptual barriers. She was the lead author of two books: Systems Development: Requirements, Evaluation, Design, and Implementation and System Development: A Project Management Approach and co-author of the seventh edition of Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics.

In addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate MIS and statistics classes and advising PhD candidates, Professor Jordan has taught Executive Education courses, including workshops for IBM, National Instruments, Sybase, 3M and a class in the current Project Management Certificate program. .

As a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Education Board, she was instrumental in substantially revising and improving the ACM model curriculum for MIS. She was also a major contributor to the initial Data Processing Management Association’s (DPMA) model curriculum. This national activity complemented her program development work at the University of Texas.

Professor Jordan's published research, including MIS and statistics, can be found in The Journal of Systems Management, The International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, and Human Factors in Information Systems. She is an invited contributor to The Encyclopedia of Computers and The Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences.

Upon graduating with highest honors with a B.A. in Mathematics, Dr. Jordan developed defense system software for Rockwell International and later developed financial applications for the Texas Department of Transportation and Highways. Realizing the tremendous need for business-oriented technologists, Dr. Jordan returned to academia and with the support of Dean George Kozmetsky, led the development of the UT MIS BBA program that continues to rank in the top 5 MIS programs by U.S. News and World Report.

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