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Class Endowments

Woody Hunt Gift Challenge

In 2012, 1966 alumnus Woody Hunt pledged $1 million in support to the BHP if the program raised $2 million by 2017 from alumni and friends. We are proud to announce we have reached this monumental feat, having raised $2 million in gifts and pledges for BHP in record time! These permanent funds will go towards student, faculty and programmatic support, in addition to a portion being allocated toward scholarships. Numerous BHP classes rallied together to either create their individual endowment or create a class endowment. This now brings the support for BHP to $3 million!

Coming Together to Rise to the Challenge 

The following classes banded together to establish new endowments for the Woody Hunt BHP Gift Challenge. These classes of alumni asked their classmates to make gifts and pledges towards the $25,000 goal to fully establish a new endowment. Individuals from these classes have also created their own endowments. Totals inclusive of these individual endowments are reflected below in the class fundraising total. Classes who have started endowments include:

 Class Year  Class Ambassador(s)  Class Endowment Total
 Class Fundraising Total
 1968  Ed Small  $47,000  $47,000
 1982  No class leader
 $10,485  $10,485
 1987  Randall Mays, Allison Elder  $36,100  $86,100
 1989  Stephen Dyer, Chris Temple  $27,839  $77,589
 1990  Barclay Anthony  $37,600  $37,600
 1991  Melissa Raetzman  $7,400  $7,400
 1996  No class leader
 $250  $250
 1997  Greg Gerstenhaber, David Perez  $36,795  $36,795
 1998  Jason Ryan
 $8,458  $8,458
 2000  Ashish Gupta, Arienne Brint, Kevin Cumming  $19,650  $94,650
 2001  Katy Zarolia Skattum, Chris Carter  $23,225  $73,225
 2002  Brian Moskal, Marie Bussey, Anita Tandon, Lauren Adam Swinden  $32,425  $60,925
 2003  Mandy Price  $6,650  $31,650
 2004  No class leader  $23,288  $23,288
 2005  Neel Gupta  $52,754  $52,754
 2006  Travis Devitt, Stephen Manz  $11,475  $36,475
 2007  Jeffrey Schwartz, Stephen Goldfarb, Stephanie Nelson, Pegah Javidpour  $32,625  $32,625
 2008  Simon Haidamous, Kellie Reed, Will Robinson, Stephen Gilstrap, Jourdan Daleo, Murtaza Rawat  $45,800  $45,800
 2009  No class leader
 $2,450  $2,450
 2010  No class leader
 $1,200  $1,200
 2011  No class leader
 $1,100  $1,100
 2012  Bhargav Srinivasan, Michael Daehne  $31,396  $31,396

Make a gift to your class endowment today. If you do not see your class represented and are interested in starting a pooled endowment for your class, please contact our office at 512-475-6325. If you are interested in donating to a current class endowment, please contact our office so we can connect you with the class ambassador.