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McCombs Career Services | Recruit at McCombs

Other Recruiting Options

  • Resume Books:   Resume books offer an excellent way to review a diverse spectrum of students for more targeted recruiting efforts. Resume books are managed by each program’s career services team. Resume books are not available to third-party recruiting firms.
  • Job Boards:  If you have positions that do not align with the McCombs School of Business recruiting requirements, you may wish to utilize one, or any, of the job boards (free of charge).  Job boards are online databases in which roles are electronically posted for candidates to review.  Employers enter and manage their postings independently. Postings may be directed to The University of Texas at Austin students and alumni with specific degrees.  Job boards are not part of of the McCombs School of Business On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) system.  
  • Recruiting Outside McCombs:  If you are interested in recruiting outside McCombs (i.e.:  The University of Texas at Austin students from disciplines other than business), it is important to note that each college at The University of Texas at Austin has its own career services office(s). Each career services office is dedicated to providing college-specific recruitment services to students and employers.